MTV’s Catfish Host Nev Schulman Talks About His Grandmother Being Catfished

The new season of Catfish airs tonight at 10pm EST on MTV. Nev Schulman stopped by to talk about the new season and gave a crazy story of his Grandmother being catfished!

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  1. I love that show. I have never gotten catfished but I have catfished a woman. Although I didn't claim to look like Brad Pitt I guess that's just the aura of my swagger or something? Ehehehe.

    Anyways my talk game is so nice she thought I looked better than I did I guess.

  2. People are usually in their home so it's natural if you want to bring them home. And obviously if the person is hiding by themselves…you might wonder. It's complicated when u think if young girls but with all the cameras out there overall I like!!!

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