Mike Muse Political News 12/11/17

Today @IamMikeMuse discussed the moral position, versus political position, versus positioning of power when it comes to the state of our politics. He breaks down Roy Moore’s controversial stance on any constitutional amendment after the 10th! A must listen

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  1. Al franken shouldn't have resigned. I'll always personally believe this was a dnc hitjob against the progressive camp, ofc that's unprovable right now. Just goes to show how much self effacing, moal high grounding weebs all the corporate shilling has turned the DNC into

  2. The activities from the DNC does not surprise me.roy Moore was a democrat when these allegations occured decades ago.the DNC has a history of bad morals,since back in the day all Democrats had slaves so it comes to no surprise that the mentality of some would still remain that they can take advantage of women.
    Regardless, if these women were victims of this behavior they should take the appropriate action and not wait decades when it's politically advantageous

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