Migos And Joe Budden Nearly Brawl Out After Tense Interview At The BET Awards

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  • WATCH IT HERE!!!! ►►► http://bit.ly/2tcoeO8

  • Heard Obama showed up slappin' on white folks..
    what's up?

  • Charlamagne fucking killed me with that last sentence LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  • cоol video! Guys please rаte my hоt video on mу chаnnеl. Who liked this vidео, сlick "likе" *)

  • Y is this in gaming trending

  • So ain't nobody catch CTG's joke about Tupac at end 💀💀💀

  • 2 weeks ago been just a week

  • Hey YouTube. Why is this listed under gaming?

  • Negro nonsense… lmao

  • whos joe budden?

  • Yo Charlamagne is a true chameleon, he can change very slyly, used to be my guy but he's starting to make some jealous-inspired comments towards Ak + Joe. I hope Ak is watching "the big home" closely. Some of his comments remind me of the Ol' Charlamagne on Wendy's radio talk show… Seems like its easier for him to come off humble/down to earth when the spotlight is fully on him. There's a new (younger) talk show on the block and I'm not sure how much these 3 like it.

  • Crank Lucas

  • Doesitlooklikeiwasleftonbadandboojie

  • If I was one of migos, I'd smash that night on Joe's bald ass


  • Joe Budden for donkey of the day

  • Quavo looking like a black cowboy lmao

  • watch a year from now no one will remember migos or care about anything they have done

  • I agree with Envy but I understand Charlamagne


  • i couldn't understand him

  • Negro nonsense lol

  • Charlemagne go to the Hall shook scared to death scared to look

  • When they stood up they looked like that sketch from Dave chapelle when prince wanted to play against Charlie Murphy and his crew in basketball.

  • he sounded stupid saying what I understood every word he said.

  • Not even a whole minute into the video and CTG had me cracking up "explain the negro nonsense"💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • On god quavo shouldnt crammed on his shit take off was finna cram on em doe i seen it comeing😭

  • joe budden the salties nigguh in the game

  • Just cuz you can hear takeoff doesn't mean they could. He is speaking into a mic retards.

  • CTG you gotta put some respeck on Prodigy's name bro… FOH!