Michael Smith Says Phil Jackson Won After Parting Ways From Knicks | SC6 | June 28, 2017

Michael Smith says Phil Jackson won after parting ways from the New York Knicks because he no longer has to work for the “wrecked” franchise.

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  • The reason for which Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks agreeing to go their separate ways is a reason to celebrate is that the dysfunction that took place inside the locker room was largely due to Phil Jackson's inadequacy as a President of Operations. Now that the team will hopefully be run under the capable executive decision making of a man like Masai the young core of Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez and hopefully Frank Ntilikina will begin to take shape!

  • In my opinion, I believe that the New York Knicks should keep Carmelo Anthony for the remainder of his contract considering he has shown his commitment to the organization and has been beneficial in his assistance of developing Kristaps Porzingis' game.

  • phil jackson was on a mission, hahaha.

  • Spot on observation, except for some minor details.

  • love this show.fuck all racist btw

  • challenge, we have no idea if he was going to get paid, we don't know what the contract has for the firing clause

  • "they just drafted the French kid for the triangle" LMFAO

  • go knicks

  • Great take by Mike. Phils the real winner.

  • I think the KP trade rumors were the real tipping point not Melo

  • I love being a miserable Knicks fan. 🗣DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO‼️

  • No wonder why your ratings are down…

  • i think the nicks are in a good position..they got prozingis and the french kid

  • I'm a Knicks fan, I wasn't happy at all because its not going to change anything. Dolan needs to go, Melo the most overrated player needs to go, D Rose needs to go as well.

  • "knicks fan, find you a new team" LISTEN UP… IT AINT THAT EASY. ONCE A KNICKS FAN… ALWAYS A KNICKS FAN.

  • Alright let's be real firing Phil Jackson was a necessary step… he was about to trade kristaps for a box of donuts… knicks still going to be trash but keeping him around would've been stupid

  • Getting $24 million with your termination letter is not a bad deal. Phil Jackson wins even when he loses

  • Phil Won The Day to me but The Knicks really need help to me

  • Thts why the knicks not winning

  • ESPN should find a new show and cancel your garbage azz show!

  • Of course he won. The MFKR took 50K a Day!! To basically kick the crap out of a team he had no love in the 90s.

  • Love him or hate him Phil left the Knicks in a better position than any executive of the past 30yrs before him.

    Checketts, Layden, Grunfield, Thomas, Mills…etc all of them made shitty one sided trades and gave up draft picks that winded up as All-Stars in exchange for washed up has beens. Phil leaves the Knicks with at least 2 future All-Stars.

  • Dan Gilbert better not hire Phil Jackson, if so LeBron will definitely leave.


  • fuck this bitch saying knick fans find a new team.

  • Phil Jackson's a legend in my book. Wins 11 rings with RELEVANT franchises, then goes over to f*** up the Knicks and their deluded – so called Capital of Basketball without a championship since moses was a baby – fans.

    The Knick fans are out here celebrating but guess what the Zen master has f*** you soo hard you can't see the wood from the trees. Carmelo's Contract and James Dolan's ownership guarantees the Knicks are only made relevant by the media and not basketball.

  • iss this Steve A's nephew?

  • That's called legal day light robbery

  • P S

    How is Porzingis, Hernangomez, and Ntilikina a "wrecked franchise". They bust on Knicks cos NY media is the worst. THere plenty worse franchises out there. For one, I'm looking forward to the future.

  • she say people that already made a lot of bad decisions get to make another decision lhh 😂😂😂

  • Phil is a lazy piece of shit thief. Period!!

  • I don't get what Phil Did . He drafted KP who people didn't like but now Love then Knicks fans was crying about melo all season saying trade him now Phil Jackson was trying to do that they all mad ? like wtf Do y'all want to be better or not . Knicks fans blame everybody but they weak ass players. I really don't see what Phil did it takes times to turn around a franchise especially the Knicks who been trash for like 25 years . Y'all will still be trash with or without Phil .

  • The Knicks are right not buy out Carmelo Anthony, and I guarantee no NBA Team in the Knicks situation is going to allow thier star player to leave for nothing in return. A buyout is a win for Carmelo because he is putting the Knicks in a hostage where he wants to go a team in a buyout so that they don't have to trader any of their assets in a trade leaving the Knicks with nothing, so the Knicks are absolutely right that they want a trade and not a buyout.

  • ive never in my life witnessed someone make fifty million so easy. lol. i could've been in his shoes n got that money 🤔

  • I absolutely disagree. no. absolutely not. you do not buy out Carmelo, and let him walk, without nothing return. Dolan is a smart money man for not making that decision. but he didn't have to fire Phil over that disagreement.

  • Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are working wonders in Brooklyn. Ignore last season's overall record – they lost Lin to injury, so went 1-27 in the middle of the season. When Lin was available, they were around 0.500.

  • she's looking good with them shoulders 😁😘

  • shes completly right ….and im a knicks fan since j.crawford was on there in like 2004 …smh phil prob wanted this frfr but dolan is smart tho, because this takes the focus off him being a terrible basketball team owner

  • Mello needs to go. he's a plague to the knick team. he's not a winner and doesn't have a winning mentality. the guy is overall not athletic enough to carry a team simple as that. he slows everything down. and for fuk sakes mello is no offensive genius the guy is average at best.

  • Fired because he wanted to trade the unicorn.

  • really ESPN you want me to listen to lady tell me not to support my favorite team… Man who let her out the kitchen? she basically saying it's ok to jump ships and support any team