Michael Eaves: Chris Paul Lost Faith In Doc Rivers Coaching Son Equally | SC6 | June 28, 2017

Michael Eaves says Chris Paul’s trade to the Houston Rockets stemmed from Paul losing faith in Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers treating his son, Austin Rivers, the same as the rest of the team.

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  • ESPN 30 for 30: How the Clips got Clipped

  • Well that's his son

  • Definitely would of done that trade for Mello. They crazy lol

  • Dam alot of clipper fans finna come hop on Laker train Lol again

  • Austin Rivers now starting PG 🤣

  • let's see Doc Rivers NBA champion coaching the Celtics. Chris Paul NBA champion of nothing. Who lost faith in who now? Doc Rivers is still with the Clippers. Chris Paul was traded. The story is out on Chris Paul the 6-foot nothing defensive liability who's getting All-Star nominations based on his State Farm commercials and defensive team nominations based on the fact that he could steel but the fact of the matter is this 6 foot nothing person can't lock down anyone.

  • who is competitive as anyone I've met in the sport. Chris Paul is not competitive. Chris Paul only cares about getting his 18 points and nine assists per game. That's why Chris Paul will never be a winner. You guys saying he is competitive in a winner you're lying. Covering up for this man. Chris Paul has been in the league too long for you to get away with calling him a winner and competitive. Stop saying your BS lies. The man doesn't care about winning he never did.

  • hey Griffin gave them Bella Vincy. Chris Paul was on a losing team going nowhere. Blake Griffin and the Clippers saved Chris Paul. The Liquors we're sucking. The Clippers with Blake Griffin would have been velavan even without Chris Paul. That's the fact of the matter. It's idiots like you who reporting on Chris Paul like he was special. Chris Paul gave the Clippers nothing. He wrote on Blake Griffin's coattails. And he ball hold it hurt Blake Griffin's development. That's why they getting rid of this 6-foot nothing defensive liability darling of the media and Little Penny phenomenom type of player. Chris Paul is a fraud. Here's the list of point guards better than Chris Paul Steph Curry Damian Lillard Russell Westbrook John Wall Kyrie Irving Kyle Lowry Isaiah Thomas. Chris Paul sucks

  • do not redo it. Keep Blake Griffin. Show these idiots that Chris Paul was the reason why the Clippers sucked. Blake Griffin stay and take this team to Newfound Heights. Cuz these guys are full of it. Blake Griffin if you leave they would never give you the credit you deserve they will continue to give Chris Paul the credit that should have been going to you. If you stay and you show them the truth they'll never bring up Chris Paul again. They will say that Chris Paul is a vampire fraud. Cuz that's what happened.

  • keep Blake Griffin. These guys want you to get rid of Blake Griffin so they can say Chris Paul did all this for your friend tries. Blake Griffin did all this for your friend tries. The Clippers turned around 1 Blake Griffin arrived. Chris Paul came in and try to suck all that blow over your way. Chris Paul is a fraud. Stayed rape Blake Griffin. Don't listen to these idiots. They know if they get rid of Blake Griffin they can always try to act like Chris Paul was the reason. But if Blake Griffin stays, the truth is out when the Clippers are highly successful.

  • If that trade situation was true, Doc needs to be gone. That is just ridiculous. Smh

  • OMG…. They could've got Carmelo for Austin rivers? bad job…clippers being the clippers I guess

  • Doc I am ashamed, Clips need to fire him rn

  • Doc rivers, your a real piece of shit!! You'd rather have your average son play for you than to make your team better (hurting these players chances to go further into the playoffs)

  • His son is not the reason they didn't progress.

  • I knew there would be problems a few years ago when I realized a coach has his son on the team.  Ofcourse Austin was going to get special treatment from daddy Rivers.  It doesn't work in the pee-wee leagues, and it doesn't work on the pro level.  There will always be favoritism or perceived favoritism.

  • Doc Rivers is awful.
    Mike "Zero Finals" D'Antoni is even worse.

    Steve Ballmer is a good man. I don't understand the "same, old Clippers" logic? If this was the same, old Clippers, they would be winning only 15-20 games, about half the attendance, and Sterling and Elgin would be running the show for another annual coaching change.

    Steve Ballmer is part of the tech enterprise. He shows up every game. He is a willing spender. I don't understand why CP3 would walk away from that or Jerry West. Doc Rivers must really suck then. Ballmer needs to fire Doc ASAP if they lose Blake too.

  • if doc didn't do that trade. his days is numbered as coach and president.

  • Melo wasn't waiving his no trade clause

  • I never liked austin. i just read bad things about him- selfish shoot first and get my stats player at duke, staring down hs opponents after dunking, and i thought when they traded for him was that was this was about and it was. it doesn't surprise me there are rumors he didn't feel he had to earn his teammates respect. what a pos.

  • I'm confused now do the clippers only have one coach? Did no one watch dbz to see the blue print on how to train your son?

  • wow doc fucking up

  • Lol Doc gonna try to make Austin the next Westbrook. That organization is a mess

  • Watch Austin Rivers excel I'm excited !! I have my season tickets to the D league ⛹🏿💩🗑🤣!!!

  • Damn so it could have been Melo, CP3 together. Finally Melo gets to play with someone who could set him up.

  • Doc is a joke, this just proves what the Clippers are. Thanks to you, the Clippers are back to irrelevancy because you didn't wanna trade your son for Carmelo lololol. Carmelo fucking Anthony. Yea ur son, the guy that was like the 11th man on the Hornets before Daddy came in. You be lucky to get a bag of peanuts for your bum son… And now CP is out the door ? The guy that brought relevancy to the franchise for the last 6 years. Yea, you boutta get the boot. YAH DAT WAY 👉

  • Austin Rivers is a poor man's Westbrick.

  • Nepotism, that's why it shouldn't be allowed in any workplace.

  • Lakers fans are aids

  • $45M / 5th year was the issue. Because Blake resigned without hesitation. Loyalty. The narrative is hilarious.

    Nepotism became the scapegoat but people should check out Chris Paul Jr. He hangs around games. Doc is a loving father. CP is the same. Fatherhood is big on them both.

  • deandre jordan to the cavs??