Michael B. Jordan On ‘Black Panther’ “It Will Empower Our Kids”

Michael who is one of the stars of ‘Black Panther’ dropped by to talk about the groundbreaking Ryan Coogler project.

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  1. We just had a BLACK president from Jan 2009-2017 so, If we need a movie [about a FICTIONAL country and characters financed by WHITE people] to "empower our kids" then damn, maybe we need help!!

  2. Michael B Jordan is one of the black men we should be praising and giving props to for his roles in movies but most of y’all tear him down because he dates outside his race smh

  3. For anybody ready to comment about his girlfriend, please STFU about this man's dating choices. You bitches couldnt be more happy when yall found out serena williams busted it wide open for a white man and announced she was having his mixed baby. And lets not even talk about Meghan Markle. Yall excitement for this biracial woman getting with a white man was so extraordinary that ABC NEWS wrote fucking article about how her engagement gave black women ''hope'', so stfu and take your hypocritical asses somewhere man, let this man be.

  4. but what no black people are really looking at is the film is essential black on black violence, the villian is also black, in the comic books the black panther had a KKK enemy villian but you won't see that in this film

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