Mia Khalifa Punched a Dude Who Took A Photo Of Her Without Asking

Mia Khalifa has been accused of punching a fan in the face after he took a photo of her without her permission at a Future show in Austin, Texas recently. According to the fan, he walked ahead of Khalifa and snapped a photo with him and Khalifa in it, and she responded by hitting him in the face. Khalifa didn’t deny the accusation after the fan made it, but she did claim that the fan and his friends harassed her and yelled “degrading profanities” at her, which is why she didn’t want to take a photo with him.

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  • She probably didn't accept that request cause she probably knows that dude jerks off to her. It's basically gender that causes this mini beef.

  • all these cunts in the comments, just because she does porn doesn't give anyone the right to harass her and take pictures of her without asking right?? she's a fucking human being too lmao

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  • He's never washing his face again

  • She said degrading profanities 😂 did she forget her line of work?

  • If this was dude, he'd be in jail right now for assault….

  • Dumb ass hiv bitch its perfectly legal to photograph anyone in public especially famous people

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