Mega Man 11 – Announce Trailer | PS4

READY? Mega Man 11 is coming to PlayStation 4 in late 2018! Take a trip down memory lane and see how Mega Man has evolved in his latest adventure.




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  1. It's good too see our little blue bomber saving the world again, but did anyone else kinda wished it was a 3D game instead of 2D? nonetheless, I can't wait to see more of this game in the future.

  2. I feel like he should have a younger sounding voice. He's supposed to be based on a 10 year old, isn't he? Apart from that this looks awesome!! I'm actually excited for this and the X collection!

  3. The contrast in colors is stunning with the moving background. As long as the difficulty and creativity carries over to this beauty, this could be a strong return for Megaman! SWEET!

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