Meek Mill’s Lawyer Calls In And Gives Us An Update On His Case

Meek’s attorney called Angie the day after we were left shocked by a judge’s decision to send him to prison for 2 years.
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  1. I wish him all the best. Won't be easy and a lot of money to pay lawyers. These judges have the Power to ruin lives if they really want to. They can appeal and all that as much as they want, she still has final say. Justice system sucks.. I pray I never have any legal battle in this country…. You almost never win unless you are wealthy, not even rich.

  2. Free Meek mannn my city upset about this shit y'all mad cause this man changed his life around & making millions how the fuck ya gone try & give that man 2 – 4 years on a case he caught when he was 19 ???? That's fucked up

  3. dj akademiks you a dumb motherfucker you really dont believe in human scarface. just cuz they dont tweet about it or ig about uu like oh that doest exits smh not trying be races but dam they dumb down the black folks. why do yu think all the black people in the industry is run by the white folks

  4. This is The Time where The City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia needs to Start a Fucking Riot RIGHT NOW!!! How is this EVEN Credible this is NOT Justice this is another Form of Slavery! I hope when Meek gets out He Sue’s The Fuck out of The Judge and The State. I Would if that were Me Mannn Fuck This Shit Mannn again Free Fucking Meek Mill ASAP!!! && I wanted to Move to Philly Tuh NOT Anymore …. just saying, Speaking from The ♥️

  5. I don't believe nothing that lawyer say he's being paid to lie like police officers paid to lie just like paid to lie everybody keep saying free Meek Mill I don't want to see nobody in jail but if a grown man keep putting yourself in that position….

  6. That same judge brinkley gave 18months flat and had a top lawyer in philly, and it was for a probation violation for dirty urine,and i only been in front of her twice out the 8yrs i had her.shes very unprofessional. And has it out for men only.she let women slide.i got my jugde switched tru a program he can take and get out in months asap and his judge would be changed soon as he enter the program..facts..and i went infront of her with a non profit business and much more…she is so sad.

  7. The lawyer failed to mention the airport fight (arrest) which didn't help Meek at his probation hearing.

    And yes, I know the charges were dropped however that doesn't matter in probation hearings. Just getting arrested is enough to violate the conditions set by most judges. The outcome of the case has no bearing on the matter.

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