Meek Mill Tells NBA Youngboy he should Move out of Baton Rouge or He May Die.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Meek Mill Telling NBA Youngboy he should Move out of Baton Rouge or He May Die.
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  1. You don't ever see Drake doing shit like this. The most that Drake will do is fuck wit a new young niggas music but he won't ever drop REAL Jewels on him. And that's because he don't know the struggles behind his music. But Meek Knows. Because Meek comes from the same thing. πŸ’―

  2. yall kissing ass now… but when meek was taking Ls yall was moaning for drake…. keep in mind drake is a fake ass nigga and i still cant believe this real ass nigga Meek got his career hurt because of some fake culture vulture ass nigga

  3. But he's not lying tho… Niggas will pop young boy top off especially since he be acting all loud and tough niggaz can't wait to kill people like that nowadays

  4. NBA Youngboi listen to meek mills. He know what he talknn bout meek mills aint no lame. Yo NBA Youngboi keep makn Musik fukknn hoes makn that πŸ’°. Cuz Tha moment niggas get on yo ass u dun. What im tryna say NBA Youngboi. U got ur foot in the game keep yo foot on these niggas necks cuz its alot that come wit that street life keep Dem white boys out ur mix and some niggas and bitches is too jealous. look wat hapn to ayo kd he got robbd cuz bum ass city bitches set him up. Real niggas hope the best for u NBA youngboi. dont let us down. And whoever that women was wit the lip gloss on wen u took the pic holdn the dark girl that women was really pretty. WatHapn.

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