Meek Mill says He Wont Fight Safaree 1 v 1 and warned him to stay out of LA for BET Awards weekend.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Meek Mill saying He Wont Fight Safaree 1 v 1 and warned him to stay out of LA for BET Awards weekend.
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  1. Safaree is literally a nobody… my cousin met him and he saw that safaree was just getting clowned every move he made… why is he trying so hard for some damn attention? This dude is a goofy that needs no responding whatsoever. His songs are ass, he don't do shit. Meek MiLL wakes up to this, and him a hit. Stop making this man relevant please omg

  2. Lmaooooo jumping is wack they say but everything in this world has been a jump in WW2 the shit was between Austria and Germany I think who jumped in? The us if everything was a one on one why don't the presidents of each country fight instead of sending their military force? Exactly the world wouldn't be the same I already know Donald trump would get his ass beatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Foh with that bosses dont do fair ones. Where these weirdos getting their credences from? Im no fan of Fat Joe, but I will say that Fat Joe is a Don & will give anyone the biz. From the shoot em up games down on Trinity Ave to present day politics. I use Joe as an example even though I dont agree with all that he does bcuz fact is fact & real recognize real. Bosses will see you in the street. That's not only how bosses BECOME bosses, but how bosses RETAIN their titles. Joey Crack is just an example, but there's many more out here to speak of. Meek aint got a boss bone in his body. Foh.
    R.I.P. Big Pun….so much more of a goon than most…if NOT ALL of these industry dick in the booty ass niggas. Foh. BX stand up…N.Y stand tf up & check these hoe ass rappin niggas.

  4. I keep telling squares street niggaz only fight one on one with people who got respect in the streets , opps get jumped ! One on one is for friends or people you got respect for ! Bunch of squares

  5. A Fight Is Unpredictable So If Someone Wants To Fight I Look At It As If They're Trying To Take My Life And I'll Go Right To It. Meek Mill Talking That Real Shit! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  6. Meek is a cornball nigga had a promising rap career threw it down the drain now he's 100% bitchmade. What "gangster rapper" gets in their feelings so much, especially over a bitch

  7. Sounds like a young punk that can't fight so they're quick to pick up a gun. The problem is when you shoot somebody and go to jail you can't take your gun with you.

  8. Feek gonna get caught 1 day
    Dr dre was with his people at an awards show and somebody got at him
    Gunit can get feek anytime they want like they got gunplay

  9. Ya'll buggin… REAL bosses don't fight! If you a Don, you don't do no talking. You give one look, and the problem gets handled!! So all y'all saying Meek should fight "fair and square" y'all niggas not bosses.

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