Meek Mill says He Wont Fight Safaree 1 v 1 and warned him to stay out of LA for BET Awards weekend.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Meek Mill saying He Wont Fight Safaree 1 v 1 and warned him to stay out of LA for BET Awards weekend.
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  • This nigga Meek got no SAY SO in LA what SO EVER lol who tf he tellin to stay out the LAnd HAHAHA!

  • Meek will get his ass whooped LOL

  • Meek funny af

  • meek needs 2 stop with this bullshit and get money


  • Meek mill is a fake gangsta ..he looks weird and shouts a lot when he "raps" I never listen to his songs I just happened to listen to a snippet of his music because It was playing in the intro of a review video about something ..but he sounded breathless and anxious while rapping whats wrong with him ? LOL ..

  • Meek a straight bitch

  • Nigga where the migos vid

  • Meek mill is a bitch

  • Tekken punches lol that Tekken 7 looks hot

  • waitin on wack 100 oppinion

  • I see why Meek sicked them niggas on Safaree for talkin reckless but nigga… its Safaree. This nigga named after a Apple application so you know he a lil fruit. If that's tha case why he ain't want no kinda smoke w/ The Game? At tha end of tha day y'all some rich Hollywood niggas bro go learn shoppin or sumn, these playground politics corny af

  • Akademiks won't post meek or promote his stuff on IG but using meek for YouTube views. That ass whooping from the chasers is going to be real when they see you loseguard

  • Ain't no rules in the street. Everybody know that

  • how u gonna threaten a nigga but not wanna fade

  • bruh lmao he is a boss

  • Real nigha shit rolling with the fam fuck safaree

  • just saying MF love the fake shit and hate the real shit now and days

  • There's no W in a 1v1 for Meek. If he give Safaree a 1v1 every nigga Meek beefed with or crossed paths with is going to ask for one. Then if he don't fight everyone ppl will just say he scared. This nigga moving like Marlo Stanfield 😂. Before his other foot hit the ground getting out the Tahoe his ppl had his enemies on the run 🏃🏿. Who would voluntarily give that kind of power up just to fight? Especially while on parole. This nigga had Chris and Snoop chasing him up the street 😩

  • Meek saying he's a "Don" and Dons don't fight?

    Oh, they Don't? Has he ever heard of JOHN GOTTI? The Teflon Don? A REAL Don?? Oh, He Was VERY "Hands On". Meek just ain't trying to fight because he CAN'T. I got news for y'all. A nigga that CAN Fight?? WANTS To. EVERY Chance he gets. And he's accepting ALL Challenges. Meek don't fight because he Can't. I wish niggas start being real about themselves and stop acting like they don't fight because they so Gangster.

  • Meek Mill still a pussy

  • bosses dont do one on ones…..ya crew is only as strong as U are….but I guess in this case a pussy wit a big bag can buy strength…..Tookie (RIP) was a thoroughbred…a solid stand up nigga that will whoop yo ass and he ran a gang called the Crips along with another thoroughbred named Raymond Washington if I am not mistaken and he too was also know to beat ass severely….Big Meech is a thoroughbred who is known for whooping ass…ran BMF…a crew of thoroughbred…so if the boss a coward his crew is filled with cowards…but 30 cowards can do some damage collectively against 1 or 2 dudes…Meek looks more and more like a sucker as time passes by…..I k ow lil niggaz 150lbs that tbrow hands like Mike Tyson….size means nothing….Meek is pussy…pussy with paper

  • Bro meek mill a pussy PERIODDDDD 🤦🏽‍♂️you still talk about his beef with every nigga, let's just put it like this; Meek Mill is a pussy he won't fight anyone he's probably just beefing for attention.

  • u always talking about somebody but when yo bitch ass was at the bet Awards with the Migos you act like you didn't know what they were saying tf

  • Who tf is meek mill to tell someone to stay out of la

  • 😡..☻….😂😂😂

  • but when the game meet meek mill meek is gonna end up giving himself a warning because that was a pussy ass move he did on safaree

  • Sorry but if you run your mouth and not prepared to take the consequences and need other people to mop up your shit you a straight pussy.Meek is pussy.Don't give me all that "A Boss doesn't need to fight" bullshit either Meek is straight up pussy.

  • Meek is a Boss weather you agree or not. You can see him chilling with the biggest Bosses in the game so cut the crap Meek is a motherfucking real Nigga and a winner. Yeah he might have taken some L's but he always comes out better. That's who a Boss is mehn. Bosses don't fight, that's why the goons are there. . Bosses don't move alone. Have you ever seen a Leader without followers? Meek I respect your hustle and your Person. You are a motherfucking BOSS getting the $$$$$$$$$ and carrying others along. That's a Boss. YOU REAL. Like if you agree.

  • Meek can't /won't / shouldn't fight , he is like on probation for like 100 years.

  • it makes it look like he beffin over a chick they don't fuck with.

  • There's no fair fights in the hood

  • Nigga said 30 cousin lol

  • fuck being a boss i don t like bosses never want a dude being a boss of me or saying he s the boss thats some slave ish telling other ppl how to work how to fight how that make s you look as a man telling another man yes boss fuck out here with that boss ish where the leaders that lead by example and got movements this day most of you look in the mirror and see something different than what the world see have fun in LA tho boss man peace and blessings

  • Did Meek even order Niggas to jump him ?