“He has no defense…being that he doesn’t have any defense, that makes it tough…I mean, he’s not really going to be able to hit Floyd…he’s going to be throwing wide punches…Floyd will probably stop him with a body shot,” stated world-class trainer Jeff Mayweather, who spoke more about the highly-anticipated cross-sport mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Check it out!



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  1. There is no existing footage that will actually help the Mayweathers come up with a game plan. Floyd will have to resort to making adjustments and rely on his I.Q. This will take a few rounds so Conor has the advantage for the first 6 rounds. I suspect Conor will have a back up equation for Floyd to solve in case he finds the answer to the first one.

  2. if Floyd is a great defensive fighter, why the fuck does McGregor need defense? he needs a great offense,. there a reason why this bum Jeff doesn't train Floyd. he don't know shit and the nigga sound like a straight up HATER whos had too many energy drinks

  3. that statement…..throwing wild puncher shows that they don't know McGregor……he never throws wild punches……upset is more likely 2happen…..they don't know what 2 prepare 4……straight left will connect!

  4. Yea hes right.. conors hands are DOWN at all times when he fights. He has absolutely NO GUARD. An while that may work in mma its will not fly in a boxing ring. Especially in a fight with a man like floyd. Floyds entire style is capitalizing on fighters doing dumb shit .. so conors in for a rough night. An im saying this from a unbiased point of view.

  5. been waiting for this…Connor has got you where he wants you! That video was meant to through Floyd off and it worked. watch the fuck out Floyd as your getting Ko'd 🙂 this is going to be insaine

  6. Anyone who thinks Conor Mcgregor, with a boxing record of 0-0, will have any chance against a boxing legend, at 49-0, has ANY chance against floyd, is a fucking moron. Easiest fight of floyds career.

  7. Whenever a boxing guy says Conor will be swinging 'wild punches' it makes me think they haven't seen Conor punch before. I agree, his defense is almost non existent apart from when it's paired with offence (eg. jab-pull-counter); but he really doesn't throw looping wild punches, even for a boxer. He keeps them down the pipe for the most part, and sometimes he'll go wild because MMA fighters let him.

  8. Fuck Jeff mayweather the man done nothing in the ring so his opinion means nothing. Connor does have a defense it's just he never had to use it in MMA. Floyd has no attacking power, so Floyd ain't knocking out Connor. Connor will cause the biggest upset in floyds career and end everything for him. Everything has to come to an end.

  9. Mayweather is a boxer he boxes for a living. Mcgregor can't box. He got his licence for this fight. He can't even sparr for the professionals. Amateurrrrr novice in for the knockout and big walletttt

  10. No matter how you look at it Floyd is going to school that man.. McGregor is going in wild and trying to knock Mayweather out and Mayweather is gonna keep his defensive tactics stay moving and tired him out. 12 3 minuets and some change rounds is a lot of time the most McGregor ever went is 5 rounds with 5 minutes per round so yall do the math… he better not come out there trying to finiah that man early Floyd gonna take McGregor young ass to school

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