“Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to media in this country. While everyone is counting my money and assuming the worst, these are the facts… Uncle Sam, received $26,000,000.00 from me in 2015! What else could they possibly want? I’m sure I would have been notified much sooner if there were any real discrepancies right? Bottom line, everybody just wants to be a part of the “Money May” show, including the IRS! That’s fine, you can crunch numbers all day but in the end, my empire is rock solid and intact! Now Calculate That,” wrote undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather, who responded to recent reports regarding his request for a deferral of a 2015 tax liability.


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  • Plus, fuck Floyd , over rated piece of shit.

  • I hate Floyd.. but I hate Governments.. e.g. and their henchmen tax men much more. TAX is a dirty dirty word these days.. in an era when governments around the world are fleecing people – to line the pockets of low life politicians. We need help from govts.. not to be policed and taxed to despair. Sure.. Floyd needs to be Hit like every other poor bastard… but the IRS and their counterparts in other nation states need to be hit harder. The people need to fight back.. against the tyranny of big brother corporate governance.

  • If you believe IRS bills come in neat, rounded numbers, you're a bigger idiot than illiterate Floyd.

  • Guy needs to work on his "Uh hum" sounds bored as fuck hahaa

  • He needs to redistribute his wealth like all rich Democrats

  • al haymon on a different level he has loopholes people have no idea about

  • They don't like to see black people prevail, so they will make up stories. Yeah Mayweather spends a lot of money, but who the fuk are you to say what he should be spending it on… fact is he does make smart investments and he made more money in the sport of boxing than anyone has made in any other sport…. Think about that


  • All I see is a check with $26 million written on it. Anybody can get a check and write $26 million on it 🤔

  • Boxer fan are deluded to think boxing is a real fighting sport… Arrogant assholes!

  • I like Floyd the point of the matter no one thinks he doesn't have money it's the fact that 230 million was payed to him no taxes taken out he can get some to write off so say they tax out of 200 million for trainers and promoting and stuff doctor etc. 26 million is no where near 39.6 percent of what he actually owes! That's why the IRS what's their money ! Then if the penalty goes thru that's a Additional 7.5 percent on top of the 39.6 percent but his attorneys did ask if the penalty could be taken off

  • This clown playing the Donald Trump card basically saying it's fake news. He better hope Mcgregor doesn't get to roast his ass all day today. This MF been lying his whole career, I wouldn't believe a damn thing he ever says. Show us some real proof if your that embarrassed to respond to it. Man I hope these Boxing press conference rules don't hold Connor back from roasting his future-broke ass.

  • This guy listening is CLEARLY NOT convinced?! I get why he might be skeptic cuz Floyd's most likely in a tighter spot then he'd like to admit,…but if he's gonna pay,…FUCK OFF!!!

    Of course he wants his fight money 1st?! Most people have Tax issues at one point or another?! So I FULLY GET WHY Floyd's upset with this PUBLIC SHIT SHOW SHAKE DOWN!!

    THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE A STORY,…other then some people are jealous and wanna hurt Floyd's image?! How bout, the government is nothin but a BUNCH OF LYING CHEATING MF W/ ALL THE MONEY!!! They GOT so much unpaid debt, and LOST money WE SHOULD BE INTERROGATING THE WHOLE MF circus act!!! They know it,…they LAUGH AT US!!! We are like abused house wives scared to fight back and that's why they KEEP "back handing" the fuck outta all OUR BITCH ASSES!!


    Our Government says they lost TRILLIONS,…and we did NOTHING!?!? It's like $8000. Per every person in the USA!! LOST!! YEARLY!!!

    WE HARDLY HEAR ANYTHING,…and when we do NO ONE DOES JACK SHIT!! OK,…maybe a Angry letter??? LOL

    However it's fine these MF are TRYING TO DISMANTLE a man's AMAZING IMAGE AND EMPIRE cuz he's late?!?!

    SORRY,…I know this is NOT FUN TO READ,…but honestly we've all become worthless and weak button pushers,..,and I'm tired of living under this pile of laws that DON'T APPLY TO THOSE THAT MAKE THEM!!!


  • Floyd is smart. He kept his taxes to show he is worth more so that he can haggle more for his fight

  • A lot of financial illiterate people pretending to be accountants on here. 😂😂😂

  • fucking haters. u wish floyd was broke. f u

  • I think if most of Floyd's haters knew about his upbringing and what he overcame to become what he has they may not hate so much. I wish Floyd all the luck in the world because the media narrative is already gearing up to hail Conor as the dragon slaying hero and floyd as the cocky guy that didn't pay McGregor the respect he deserves. He is going to spend the next week feeling the hate of thousands if not millions of people. He deserves every penny he earns and I hope he is victorious against mr McGregor.

  • bullshit! Floyd paid this chump to say all this. Floyd would have said it but , he couldn't read what his lawyer wrote for him to say.

  • i cant wait for floyd to smash con man mc chicken.

  • made over 200 million and only paid 26 million hhmmmmm

  • selling assets to pay a tax bill?  Thought he made smart investments? not good if he has to do that every year is it?

  • the man is worth over 750 million dollars, so even if he hasn't paid his taxes. the media is out here making it seem like Floyd is only coming back to fight Connor because he needs the money or else! these people want Floyd to go broke so bad it's hurting them.

  • Black people cant manage money. Fact. Apart from a few , all broke as fuck

  • I'm mean this stuff always randomly comes up when he has a fight happening.