Max pushes for civility in football | First Take | ESPN

Max Kellerman says the key to success in the NFL is to regulate the game but Will Cain argues against trying to remove violence from the sport.

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  1. While I don't think the violence in football is making people turn off the games, I do think it is causing parents to not want their kids to play football, which is a problem of its self.

  2. I played football LOVED the sport. I watch at times and the way these guy hit makes me cringe. Always laughing their bodies and never tackling.they do this thing it’s the side horse collar tackle and it’s not tackling. I now see the large defensive lineman run down a running back from behind high running their head first into the ground. I see these guys out there trying to kill and purposely hurt one another. That’s not football. Will is wrong. I told my son he was not allowed to play high school football this year and I noticed 6 of his friends who played last year aren’t playing either. My son is smart and can use his brain to get an medication and build a solid life if he works hard. Football is on the decline and that’s coming from a guy who for 20 years would not d anything not even go to church on NFL Sundays. Now I watch highlights and one or two games a month.

  3. The vast majority of players are trading jerseys after the game. How much more civil can you get? I never thought i'd hear somebody actually try to make this idiotic argument. Let's just make it flag football.

  4. Ok, lets say 'we' allow the game to become safer, a lot safer. Given the majority of the risk would then be elevated, it would then be safe to assume a large pay cut for services would be both reasonable and acceptable.

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