Max Kellerman Reacts To Phil Jackson Leaving Knicks | First Take | June 28, 2017

Max Kellerman reacts to news that Phil Jackson is parting ways with the New York Knicks.

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  • Who is the chick?

  • But tell us how you really feel, Max?

  • Will Cain is a Skip Bayless wannabe. Nobody can else can be as retarded and ridiculous sometimes and can debate like Skip. Nobody else can annoy everyone like Skip but still be liked for some reason. Skip S.A.S. debates were the days…Will Cain is retarded and annoying and that's it, Max has some logic and when he's wrong he doesn't sound as stupid as Will stupid ass Cain does.

  • Having max back instead of Will Cain is such a godsend

  • cassidy damn

  • Will Cain was the kid that reminded the teacher to give students homework over Christmas break.

  • Should have drafted smith jr

  • Y'all talking about Will Cain every time he's on the show is the whole reason they keep bringing him back lol


  • Phil go back to the Lakers please help them out

  • I agree Max 💯💯💯💯

  • I don't wanna hear it from MAXX goofy ass smhh lol 😂 just leaveee broo smhh you making yurself look STUPID/CHILDISH you know that 🤦‍♂️💯

  • Will Cain is as bad as Skip Bayless lol

  • what's with the hate on will cain


  • 0:02 max like "fym" 💀

  • Who is the new girl?

  • where tf is max and stephen a?

  • Melo is also a problem, all these analysts love melo for some reason, he's a ISO player and does not making anyone around him better, he is a one dimension player. He's huge contrast screwed the nicks also

  • Max just made me like him.

    Fuck Max Kellerman

  • When did Shumpert become a contributor?

  • ESPN calling people to work when they are in Vacation

  • buying out carmelo would actually be smart

  • Will Cain makes Max look like the most likeable person on the planet.

  • Is Phil Jackson really the greatest coach in all sport? How hard was it to coach Jordan, Kobe, and Shaq to a championship?

  • Max Kellerman better bring his ass back before Will Cain swipes his spot.

  • Such a d-bag… he looks like he probably spent 2 hours in front of the mirror perfecting his smirk he would use to open the segment. Then he spent 3 hours with his hair.

  • Phil Jackson, stick to MF coaching, youre NOT a GM! Obviously, u dont no what the HELL u are doing!

  • smith and Kellerman are retards. NY is trash and need to cut ties with that thief melo. just start over and build. the knicks haven't been good in along time why are their fans acting like this is a sudden fall from grace because of Phil Jackson? ???

  • Max Kellerman is just about the only reason to watch ESPN anymore.

  • Thank goodness Kellerman is back! Get rid of that idiot, Will Cain.

  • Too little too late. Firing Phil AFTER the draft is too late.
    P.S: sorry Knicks fans, James Dolan is STILL your owner

  • will Cain is funny watching him try so hard

  • 4:57 sums up the rant! lol

  • Why you making fun of fat people, max?

  • English is my second language, yet even i know Max misused the saying "Not a moment too soon", a billion moments too soon would imply that it was indeed TOO SOON; not the opposite which was the sentiment he was trying to convey.

  • Phil starting to realize it was all luck. Getting kobe, shaq, mj, and pippen. Popovich is the goat and its not even close. And I hate the spurs (Kawhi is the best player in the nba though)

  • All of these "experts " praising Phil Jacksons firing. Virtually every other team in the NBA will look to hire him as President. He drafted Porzingis, dumped worthless contracts and was on the verge of dumping a cancer, Carmelo. Dolan has never owned a successful NBA franchise, and this is yet another reason….making decisions that match Max Kellerman

  • Phil Jackson was just trolling the team the whole time. He's laughing behind closed doors. It's too bad he was banned, he was about to bring Dikembe Mutombo out of retirement and sign him.

  • Can someone tell me where Stephen A, Max, and Molly are at?

  • will cain is a young skip bayless. hes headed for greatness