Max blames PEDs and painkillers for NFL violence problem | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman blames PEDs and painkillers for NFL violence problem.

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  1. I love football and people are basically wanting violence taken out of the sport, and there is no football without violence. Studies on human anatomy are evolving with new technology that can now detect traumatic brain injury within living people and that mixed with Goodell's incompetent ass getting a 5 year extension with all the issues sorrounding the NFL this sport won't live to see the year 2050

  2. no parent wants their children to play football, of course unless they want their child to have the brain function of a flea by the time they're 50; the NFL will cease to exist within the next 20 years

  3. Max goes on his lecture i mean lecture about sports like no one knows it. Yh i dont watch baseball but i know soccer better then basketball and i think i know basketball better then him, Cricket better then him, Athletics, UFC better then him. He needs to stick to his sport which is boxing and out of first take, because no one wants here someone try to give a lecture like we are underGrads in his class or something. No personality, no passion, no individuality in opinion in debates like SAS or Will does. Thats why i watch FS1.

  4. Man listen football is VIOLENT by nature broken bones bloody noses are expected in a full contact sport especially with big strong fast grown men don't protect them from there selves they all signed up for this and truthlly it's one of the only ways African Americans can get rich in this country bcuz inner cities public school system is a complete JOKE!! Let the men play and let the doctors sort out the injured

  5. If you watch the Shazier injury, you can see him roll over and his legs are totally limp. No movement at all, his legs just lay limp. That shit is scary and can't be taken out of the sport – since the goal is to hit the other person at full speed. It will be a sad day when someone in the NFL dies on the field, which will likely happen eventually.

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