Max asks Stephen A. if Kevin Durant’s ‘weak’ move to Warriors was the right one | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman asks Stephen A. Smith if Kevin Durant’s ‘weak’ move to Warriors was the right one.

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  1. The vitriol has only subsided because journalists are Star struck and it’s easier for them to let Durant’s treason go. It allows them to still have good relations with other athletes. Durant’s a punk. Him winning will NEVER change that!!!!

  2. They act like they the only team with injury..harden n cp3 been out..Steph n fuckin kd..its no damn excuse for the defense n lack of aggression n energy/effort. The coach n the leader gota drive the team n all LeBron team been like dis since he left Miami so it looks bad on his leadership n task mgmt.Bron my man but Kyrie smirking at dey struggles..

  3. That list of teams that he could go to isn’t as big as Stephen a smith thinks. See, the issue is that Lebron is so great that it took a move like KD going to golden state in order for him to win a championship. Not doubting the greatness of these players on the Warriors, but it’s simple. Lebron is that great and his team was that great.

  4. I might not have personally liked it but of course it was the right move for Durant.

    He now has a ring and a finals MVP. Which he likely wouldn’t have if he stayed in OKC.

    People were going to talk sht either way. Even if he never wins again (probably will) that ring and finals MVP is going on his resume no matter what anyone says about it.

  5. Hahahaha these are the kinda guys got bullied as kids hahaha anyone thinks there is a super team is fuckin stupid..anyone can dominate anyone one day there will be a player that makes all nba player look like trash and when that happens then there gunna say hes a super human thats not fair hahaha this is joke

  6. "He wasn't going for his own shine and that's all it was. He was in pursuit of a championship. Clearly that's the right move if you want a championship. My point was he's so great he could have gone to a multitude of places and still won a championship."

    Mercenaries form alliances to win battles, the stakes are conquer and succeed. You cannot hold LBJ to a higher standard just because he is the best player in the world for the past decade.

    I think this super team fiasco is going to end with a bang. Even a god can bleed, everyone can lose and an upset can still happen.

    Immortals, we'll put their name to the test.

  7. LeBron had to make the heat into a championship contender look what the haters was saying back then. KD join a 73 win team. He didn't join a team that's was Borden line and made them great he join a team that broke the record for the most wins in NBA history. The reason he left because he was a bandwagon. He's know it, the players knows it , Westbrook know it. The fans knows it . Hall of famers knows it. (Weakest move in NBA history) aleast Iverson went down as a hero. KD can't even compare to Iverson, and Iverson still made the hall of fame.

  8. NOBODY SHOULD EVER RESPECT KDs decision bruh that shit was so weak dude YOU RAN TO THE TEAM THAT BEAT YOU then made a fuckin troll Twitter account to defend yourself 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Lmao all these people supporting KD’s move are the same people that bashed LBJ for going to the heat which had 40 something wins and was a first round exit before he got there😂

  10. Steven A wipe KD cum off your face lmao..I got a problem with KD and his move.He basically gave up in the west finals to join the warriors.I knew he was going to Golden State when Steph came up to him after the west finals and whispered some shit in his ear.My problem is how you want to beat the best when you joined them?How do you think you deserve MVP on a 99 rated team?He is really a cupcake mf.

  11. TBH it was a weak move but okc didn’t deserve him or appreciate him. KD brought they ass to the Finals in 2012 and almost brought them to the Finals again but lost in the end. I’ve yet to hear anyone show the least bit of compassion or respect towards his 9 years of hardwork

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