Max and Will argue NFL increasing player safety | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman and Will Cain argue whether viewers like the NFL’s violence and if increasing player safety is good for the game.

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  1. Of the things that started this the only things that were bad was Gronk's cheap shot and JuJu taunting. The block on Burfict and the Iloka hit maybe were technically illegal but that's what you're taught in football

  2. Safe is an Illusion. There is no such thing as Safe. If you feel Safe Your Delusional. The Only thing the NFL is going to do by trying to make Football Safer is insure that it doesn't Remain the Most Popular Sport in AMERICA.

  3. Should become gladiator style. fans determine if player hit is dirty i.e juju/lynch I think would get thumbs up and hits like gronk, crab, talib, green, evans would all get thumbs down.

  4. Max taking his liberalism too far again. Notice Max never talks about how violent his true love is? Boxing. Should we outlaw that and MMA too max? I mean the goal is to literally knock your opponent out. Yet all I ever here him complaining about is football…..Gtfoh

  5. Why is there an image of Gronk and Tre White? That had nothing to do with football, that was just plain scumbag. It's the equivalent of a guy cold cocking a guy after the decision in a boxing match…..has nothing to do with violence of boxing just like Gronks scumbag move had nothing to do with violence in football.

  6. This is the continued to balance of do we want entertainment or safety…or somewhere in the middle. It is an interesting dichotomy that continues to play out. 

    Talked about this today on my channel.

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