Marlon Craft Speaks on White Privilege ; Being the Next Big Rapper Out of NY + Spits CRAZY Freestyle



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  1. Bruh Big L is my favorite of all time too man….Its crazy cuz I always think of him when the top 5 is brought up, so for him to say it really threw me off lol. And Nas is in at close 2nd. Cuz my top 5 always changes around cuz there's sooo many dope emcees; but they're special to me and I kinda told myself a long time ago, no matter how much my list changes around, they'll always be my top 2 cuz I hold them in a special place in my heart and associate them with certain times in my life that they helped me get thru.

  2. So much respect for this guy, lost a lot of it thou saying Kendrick is the Michael Jordan or rap….. please the commercial shit will never come close to the OG underground

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