Marcin Gortat Says NBA Centers Are Underappreciated | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to Wizards big man Marcin Gortat’s comments saying centers in the NBA are underappreciated and the position is devalued.

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  • After the performance he had in this series and the fact the Wizards gave him a huge contract to start when he'd be a backup center on any other team in the NBA, he's the last guy I want to hear this from

    He hasn't improved since the Wizards gave him the money

    If anything centers can be overvalued due to their declining skill set and lack of Big who actually are effective traditional centers

    DeAndre Jordan isn't anywhere close to how good or productive Dwight Howard was in his prime but he's getting played just as much to put up Tyson Chandler numbers

  • he was trash

  • centres may not necessarily be the most skilled position but theyre the most impactful defensively.

  • So you name PF's in a conversation about Centers and even that's a very short list?

  • cmon espn you can afford better green screen technology

  • Joel embiid

  • Not really…Center play have declined over the years only because there is not enough talent at that position. Marc Gasol is the best center with upcoming players like KAT, Whiteside, and maybe others on the way.

  • Trash Gortat of all people shouldn't be saying that lmaoo

  • Yes they are….he isn't

  • if you have teams in a tug of war for that dumb clippers center….

  • people who talked about gortat being trash dont know nba. they dont know how good he is since all they know is gsw and cavs. bunch of bandwagons who know nothing about nba

  • what? d.cousin, a.drummond,whiteside,KAT,etc. if gortat realize, hes name is not on the same conversation.

  • Gortat is a very good defender. That white guy is a total moron.

  • Gortat has a point but bro cmon he never showed up the ENTIRE SERIES. Even jwall was getting annoyed of his lack of aggression.

  • a center is like an offensive lineman in football. they're fat, slow, and look funny when they run

  • Gortat shut yo bitch ass up and actually drop some buckets you pussy you let Kelly drop yo ass off

  • he ain't wrong

  • Gortat should be traded or benched for the 2017-2018 NBA season. Wall and Beal need a 5 man that they can count on, like Thompson, Boogie Cousins, and Horford. Maybe Gortat can be relief off of the bench… Either way, Washington has to replace him at the starting spot If they want a shot at advancing to the 2018 ECF.

  • Gortat has never dominated in any game. He has no agility or finesse and misses a lot of shots that other centers like Gasol and Towns make easily. Washington should trade him for all that he's worth. .

  • Coming from the worst center in the league 😂