Marcellus Wiley Heartbroken Over Chris Paul Trade | SportsNation | ESPN

Marcellus Wiley storms over to Staples Center with a cardboard cutout of Chris Paul in protest of his trade to the Houston Rockets, before succumbing to his emotions and laying down on the ground heartbroken.

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  • join the purple and gold

  • I cried when I watched this.

  • and clippers tickets sales drop

  • only an idiot falls in love with a player who has never passed the second round, and Marcellus Wiley is one.

  • Never fire this man

  • Lmao this is gold

  • Fuck that bitch ass nigga

  • Everybodyyyy trades Chrisssss

  • who is a clipper fan?

  • lmaooo omg bro this Shit is to funny . this is how I will act if the lakers had trade kobe back in the days

  • HAHAHA FUCK!!!!!

  • LOL

  • Always put a smile on my face seeing Griffin and Chris and Jordan. Like seeing a flower full boom on spring day at the meadow. But reality has something else to say. It has a habit of doing that and we got to move forward.

  • This is exactly how I feel😢

  • Clip city… chip city.. no more, lmao

  • Does anyone know the music?

  • So emotional, am in tears right now

  • He's fat, and his rear end looked like the Grand Canyon

  • This dude talks so much, it's ridiculous. We got Chris Paul now, and we're going to win. All we need is one more player and it's a done deal. In James Harden we trust.

  • lol that's how I feel when I heard about the jimmy butler trade 🙁

  • Thank you Cp3!

  • say bye to cp3 clippers

  • Watches video

    He's taking it well.

  • Me rn

  • Where are All the Die-Hard Clipper fans now?! Oh that's right, jumping right back on the Laker Bandwagon as if nothing happened. All you Fake Shit Talkers, I took all the trash talking for 5 years and Clips still amount to Nothing. Only way you slither back as "Clipper fans" is if Miraculously you get Lebron

  • real question is where is bill plasche ?
    answer – producing a new show "everybody hates chris" fangirl edition

  • Dat nigga marcellus whiley act like a virgin

  • 1 like= 1 prayer

  • Blake bout to takeoff to his home state of Oklahoma

  • ive never related to anything so much in my life

  • lakers will be better this year

  • clippers fans are fake they were all Lakers fans at one point they were all bandwagons but now the Lakers will be better so….

  • Outside of skip and stephen A Marcellus and Max were the best ESPN duo

  • A better love story than twilight LOL!!!

  • S P

    Marcellus actually thinks CP deserves a statue. That cardboard cutout of him is the closest he'll ever get. And might as well cancel the Clipper arena. Or no, keep it. And hang their Pacific Champs banner.


  • I'm fuckin crying rn. if u ain't a clippers fan u don't understand the pain rn

  • Best reaction….. Wait till blake get Signed to other teams


  • fuck the clippers, I'm glad he hurt, lakersnation

  • ive been waiting for this moment

  • i bet chris paul even laughed at this 😂😂

  • where's Wallace

  • Underrated actor right there..

  • why do i start to feel bad for him everytime he says still got blake😓😟😢

  • I love how all the lakers fans came out of hiding and saying they are the best in LA but trust me Beverly and Lou are both great players so they will still be better

  • RIP chip-city😢

  • Oh, Marcellus. I know how hurt and depressed you are over Chris Paul's trade, but be happy Blake Griffin resigned with the Clippers for a max deal.