Marcel Is Coming to A City Near You!

Hurry to the hunk! You won’t believe what Marcel is giving away today in a city near you.

Where do you think Marcel should go next? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Check out where our resident hottie was last spotted → → →



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  1. I love all you ladies. Y'all make my day everyday. I can't watch y'all on tv but I love the videos in YouTube. I want to say y'all are my inspiration, how powerful women are every single of y'all.

  2. I'm just gon go ahead and say it: i think the Real will be over by 5th season. Let me explain in 3 points:
    1. 🕭Tamar's departure: the beginning of the end🔔
    I dont care if yall liked her or not, Tamar was objectively the life of the party. Hilarious, fun, dinamic… Proof: One of her "Youtriedit" segment video has over 1 million views. No other girl on the panel has achieved that yet. When they decided to get rid of her, they shot themselves in the foot…
    2. 🔔The production needs money🔔
    Which means the ratings are down. Lately there has been more product placements on the Real than ever before! It just screams "we need the money to save our show". Sad and a little tacky too.
    3. 🔔The real agitation🔔
    New games, new segments, going live, web exclusives… All these new tricks make the show look messy and desperate. Sometimes they're not even prepared like in this clip with the cheap ass camera used to film Marcel smh… If you actually go back to old videos like 'Press play to cheat?' youll notice smth: there used to be so much fun and chemistry around that table that they didnt even need any other tricks to make us interested. Now they're trying too hard and its showing. I love these women but i'm sorry, the energy is off now, the yt community is pissed, the topics are recycled and im sorry but the Real end is near.

  3. Btw my father's name is Marcel so 1: All these 'Marcel sexy af😫' comments are all kind of confusing to me and 2: The girl who wrote "When I hear Marcel I can only think of F•R•I•E•N•D•S monkey", well, she tried it.

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