Earlier today at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia, 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao was defeated by little-known, but game challenger Jeff Horn via unanimous decision. Check out the reaction of Manny Pacquiao immediately after the scorecards were read and Horn was announced as the winner.


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  • Manny was robbed many time nothing to him

  • Manny stayed cool cause he knew he won

  • Claim for rematch again? Rematch is baseless because the decision is unanimous just like that Mayweather fight! By rule, rematch could only happen when the decision is split decision!

  • Robbed

  • this just proves that karma is a bitch and sooner or later in life u get what u do pacman team lost 2 times against Marquez and now it happened 2 times against Bradley and horn🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • " i respect the decision of the judges." pac freddy promoters bunch of conartist. and then the rematch. Tim Bradley is hating.

  • that's how boxing is.. since Arum knew that if manny still continue to fight in the future and wont let him handle those fights, he tries to prolong it, i mean.. for rematch, all that horns job is to keep alive in the ring for the whole fight so they can manage how to make it possible for a rematch., Arum still milking manny yet until he resign for good.. think how referee wont stop the game or deduct any points.. thats business alright.. Manny may drop he's speed,but as a humble person, he literally won for me.. #realPRO

  • Even my 5 year old kid said it was a robbery.

  • I'm so sure the bad decision was made for the fuckin money that would be made with a rematch.

  • How do you go from ref threating to end fight in 9th round to winning it without doing any damage?, I'll tell ya you fix it for money for a rematch!👌

  • Pacquiao, how about getting back to your job as a paid senator.
    Philippines is in trouble with drugs, terrorists, the poor and persons displaced by earthquake.
    BOXING IS A GAME. The senate is WORK.

  • God's is Patient n So Is Manny Patient to Redeem Himself of His God permits it n Allow it If God is Willing

  • Manny got class! The other guy got slot of trash. Calling out Mayweather, that's funny!

  • Face of Sports, World Diplomat, synonymous with???

  • If you feel you won a fight you will say I know I won the fight not say I respect the judge's decision.

  • the bullied became the bully

  • horn face just look like margarito cotto.dela hoya vargas diaz


  • too much hug punch score without paul penalty corrupt boxing

  • is this a cooking show? ahhh boxing where bob arum cooooookinggggggg!

  • I thought Australian are honest people. they worst corrupt
    they rob just for the glory but now look at the image of horn no one one like him is disgrace. I believe no one will even fight for him in his dirty attitutude. He is not a good example as school teacher. He can have that title
    you can keep in you Cabinet and tell to everybdy, I stolen this this belt and be proud it.

  • Pacquiao gets robbed more than Banks bro

  • that is a Manny Pacquiao , selfless .. we Filipinos so proud for him

  • Two gentlemen. Horn fought a smart fight. Even though Jeff was 6-1 i said months ago that Manny would have trouble with Jeff.
    Trouble he had. Except in the ninth Manny could not land any telling blows. Great fight

  • Oh sure old man anytime anywhere

  • had he had Ariza still on his team this would've never been the case

  • remacth in manila!

  • Its not the Manny pacquiao of old. He showed he has slowed down. But he still won the fight. Jeff's punches were mostly blocked. Yes Jeff was aggressive, he was game, he was not what we expect of him, he exceeded our expectation but he lost the fight. That fight was a set up to keep Pacquiao fighting. That was his last fight under his contract.

  • Jeff Horn the Australian has lost the World's respect. That belt he now holds is a belt of SHAME. What a shame.The boxing world will now associate an Australian with cheating and robbery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!