Magic Johnson Says D’Angelo Russell Is Not A Leader | SportsNation | ESPN

The SportsNation crew reacts to Magic Johnson saying former Los Angeles Laker D’Angelo Russell isn’t a leader.

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  • Man, that black girl is mad cute 😉

  • i hope dangelo balls out next year just to make magic look dumb

  • Neither is KD and he won a ring so why you picking on D'angelo???

  • magic has AIDS


  • As a Brooklyn fan, I can not THANK YOU Lakers & your fan base so much! Can't believe you gave d'ANGELo away! Mosgov contract? nothing still a ton of cap space.

  • he need to stop dissing the kid

  • You put him at shooting guard you fucking idiot

  • when did espn turn into the fag network??

  • whats with these people wearing nasa shirts, damage control? earth is flat

  • By making those comments about Russell, he put unnecessary added pressure on Lonzo.

  • i bet the nets make the playoffs before the lakers thats whats going to happen

  • Russell gone fuck around gets buckets like Harden when he got traded

  • that close up on kobe tho

  • BR's Game of Zones already insinuated that D'Angelo should be traded. hahaha

  • So is Michelle not on the show anymore?

  • that nigga a snitch

  • Triple double? That's cool, still a snitch 😂

  • James corden at 1:14 lel !!

  • LOVE IT. guy uses one big word and they call him harvard ;DDD i can't

  • Magic didn't say anything wrong …the problem is that everyone reads there own version into it

  • 4 clowns talking out they ass

  • I hope DLo starts dominating. He has potential, easy to shit on someone when they're immature and young, hope he shuts all the haters up. He made one small mistake more than a year ago and people can't let shit go.

  • He wasn't a leader and he was so immature. Magic did the right thing.

  • This is low. Just shows how desperate and weak they were in drafting him in the first place or keeping him on the roster. Just move on yo. No need for the negativity. When you dump a girl and have an amazing new chick you spend time degrading the old one? Cuz she was a reflection of yourself. Or just living in the moment w/ the new one?

  • well… causing issues with your teammates and acting like a child aren't leader qualities, so what did Magic say wrong?

  • haha what fan base is this? you guys thinks he's useless to the team becuz of just D Lo being a snitch? he is only 21 years old and you guys are killing his career by trading him off to a bad team. isnt a fan base suppose to give support to players? tony parker cheated on his wife and people still respects him right? nick young cheated on iggy and you guys are fine with that too! show some support and confidence for d lo hes only 21, there would be plenty of chances for him to learn, grow mentally and physically, be more experienced and hopefully a better leader. why are yall giving up hope on him just because he is being a snitch.

  • Laker fans…..y'all still not going to the playoffs 😂😂😂

  • What kind of an idiot gets tattoos the first moment he gets drafted? I knew from the get-go he doesn't have the "fire" like the other greats like Kobe, Lebron, MJ, etc. Russell just want to have fun for the first few years of his NBA career whereas the Lakers are looking for someone who can lead the team immediately.

  • dlo is not a franchise player he is most a role player so lets stop talking why he is been traded to the brooklyn cause next year his value will be so low you cant trade him for even a veteran role player.

  • lakers fire magic plz cuss dlo not a leader he gave yall i think 6 or 7 game winning streak and if lonzo becomes a bust dlo gets the last laugh

  • I bet Magic asked Kobe and Kobe said get rid of him.

  • kb24 wasn't a leader either and he rat on both shaq and gasol yet they love kb24 because he won rings

  • maybe Magic do not like buckeyes alumni lol

  • As a laker fan i don't think anyone enjoyed playing with kobe but he was a leader and a great player so big difference

  • the lakers wanted to trade him ever since he snitched on nick young..and he knew it. Thats why he worked like an adict after the regular season because he knew he fucked up

  • brainwashed idiot promoting a corrupt government organization that does nothing but defraud 50 million dollars every single day in tax money, while providing absolutely nothing to the population of any value at all

  • Crazy seeing the Media go in on D'Angelo. HE is still a young man….he owned up to his mistakes, yet it STILL lingers on, especially after Magic decided to be unprofessional and call him out in the Media. The same mistake making Magic whose mistake almost took his life….the Lakers loved a mistake making Kobe whose mistake destroyed his relationship with Shaq and almost come him his freedom, but D'Angelo as a kid wasn't allowed to make up for his mistakes. I think that is hypocrisy. At the end of the day, it's good for them to both be done with each other if all of this was going on behind the scenes, but don't piss on this kid after he already was traded. Magic talks as much as the next guy it seems, and as the President of Operations, he needs to be a better leader himself and be more professional when dealing with players and public information IMO.

  • I don't mind but Magic said, my confusion is that he seems to say it in a way that implies that Lonzo is different. The dude has 2 seasons less exp than Russell. Everything changes when you enter the league, that includes personal life as well. Hopefully, his gamble works out but for me, it all feels a bit premature.

  • he's not. he's just another dumb millennium

  • like this motherfucker magic Johnson can talk. this bitch contracted HIV from sleeping with multiple women yet says he needs a fucking leader get the fuck out of here

  • Low class move by Magic, kinda like cheating on your wife and contracting HIV.

  • Let's go lakers 💪🏾

  • Can the non athletes please be quiet

  • magic has aids, he can't talk shit about nothing

  • Lakers were straight Garbage! DL was a spoiled child! Explode the whole team! buncha TANKERS

  • God

    Everyone in the comments talking about dlo being a snitch. Shut the fuck up and talk about his game, he didn't perform how he did at Ohio State and didn't do enough for the lakers. HIV (Johnson) gave that nigga the boot cause he didn't perform how magic wanted him to, which is stupid as hell on magics part cause in 4-5 years he's gonna be up there

  • D'angelo russle sucks