Madden NFL 18: Me and Marshawn – Introductions

No One feels the power of Xbox One X Enhanced Madden NFL 18 like #BabyBeastMode. Unleash Madden on the Xbox One X and experience immersive true 4K gaming.

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  1. Add the list of friend requests received in the People tab in the quick guide please, and the Accept and reject options to make it simpler and in 2 steps, add it as a favorite or share my real name only in the option " change friendship "so it would be very good, please

  2. Hey Xbox I was wondering if you guys could get scrap mechanic the video on Xbox one and above also make it so your able to play online with people and able to play 4 players on it please do it , it would be the best birthday present ever

  3. So just received an Xbox one x. I want to use my Kinect, however there isn't a Kinect port on the X. I checked online for a Kinect adapter and the cheapest one is $300. Why are these not being sold in retail? They had free adapters for the S. Why not the X? I've always supported Xbox but this is actually pretty ridiculous.

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