Lucas Brothers Agree that Nas Is a Bad Beat Picker, Eminem is the Worst (Part 6)

In this clip, the Lucas Brothers discussed the prospects of The Rock running for president. They dubbed him the “most electrifying person in history” and believe that his charisma could energize the Democratic voting base to take out Trump in 2020.

The Lucas Brothers also went over topics such as the best athlete-rapper of all-time and even debated DJ Vlad’s controversial take on Nas’ beat-picking ability. The Lucas Brothers agreed that Nas is a bad beat-picker but reiterated Michael Rapaport’s stance that Eminem is actually the worst.



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  1. I somewhat agree nas and em have made a couple of my favorite records, but as a fan I have no problem saying they've also made plenty of songs I skip just because of the beat.

  2. Who goes to Nas for mind blowing beats anyway? Listening to music is just like picking what restaurant you want to eat at when you’re hungry, you pick what type of food you want based on your mood. When I’m in the mood to work out n listen to some fire beats. I’m in the mood to listen to Jeezy or Rick Ross. If I’m getting fly n heading to a nice event or party. I might wanna hear Jay-Z. When I wanna feed my soul with poetic/creative/introspective lyrics? I’m going to Nas. I’m not going to Nas for the best production, I’m going to Nas for the best lyrics n style n flow.

  3. People still take Vlads BULLSHIT opinion seriously? Vlad don't know shit about hip hop. He's basically a white soccer mom who thinks she's hip because she listens to pac, biggie, jay z, and nas.

  4. It was Written was bad? Dre had 1 beat. Let's be fair here. It's obvious you didn't listen to It Was Written to make that statement. To each his own about Nas albums, It was Written is why Nas became my favorite mcee.

    It's sort of like the conclusion to Color Purple
    Niggas is losing, confusion, with one time on pursuit moves in
    Grabbing niggas up in this movement to rule shit
    Cop versus the block, shorties is schooled quick
    Lesson number one. If you're arrested and hung
    Where niggas is from gotta keep a lid on your tongue
    It's like silent murder, I hit blunts hard like Ray Mercer
    The violent words of a prince in a palace of Persia
    The cognac plurger plus the trees
    But who's the foul one to make his nose take a freeze?
    And got enough gall to rock ice in all hype
    Used to be a general but just lost his stripe
    Pipe dreams and white fiends and all-nighters
    Collect calls from lifers, Astoria wars with Cypress
    Since I got a problem with the law-writers
    I kick some more items just to explore horizons
    The palm lady dreamt of this day so I'mma play
    The crib close smokin' with the big toast and lay – Nas Silent Murder(It Was Wrritten)

  5. "he ain't doing shit these days anyways" you think all dre does is make beats every second of his life? dude is a literal billionaire even em cant just call up a mofucker and ask for some beats bro. em said in his interview that came out last month that dre was taking a break when em was recording for the album so he aint really get to work wit him. im so sick o these fucking asinine "why are you making beats when you have dre in yo corner" arguments jesus fuck

  6. I always thought Eminem was the worst beat picker in the history of Hip Hop.. He can have his choice of any beat on the planet but he chooses weak production 97% of the time.

  7. People who criticise Nas for bad beat choices are stupid. He picks the right beats for the song at hand. If you find the song boring fair enough, but the beats match the feel of the lyrics every time so how's that bad beat choice?

  8. I Am…The Autobiography is one of my favorite Nas albums. Nas and Scarface together on Favor for a Favor shows how dope NY, and TX can sound when they work together.

  9. Once again omg bro stop it bro what is it with you and nas
    Did you ask him for a autograph and he said no did you ask him for a interview and he told you no oh I get it he must have went out with an old girlfriend of yours that dissed you
    Because it's like every 5 videos or every 5 interviews you do you bring up this dude's name I wonder if Nas knows this
    And let me in this with it was written was just as good as elmatic lyrically impact wise because it wasn't his first album but it was written was dope to the 3rd power and when they say it was written was a classic you shrug it off like whatever every man has his right to an opinion but you are out of opinions bro you just keep going

  10. So songs like if I ruled the world, memory lane, the message, life’s a bitch, affirmative action, Nas is like aren’t good, and barely any artist can have good beats in all songs

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