Lou Williams Scores Career High 50 Points vs The Golden State Warriors

Check out Lou Williams drop a career high 50 points as the LA Clippers defeated the Golden State Warriors 125-106

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  1. I love DJ and Lou but if we have to let go of DJ to resign Lou, Miloš, and Austin, so be it. Need to rid of Wes, Sindarius, and try to get rid of Gallinari to get Paul George.

    Because the Clippers overpaid CP3 and Blake to max contracts which created a top heavy team and weak ass bench in 2014 & 2015.

    In the CP3 era, I never felt confident in CP or Jamal to close the deal. Guys like Blake, Austin, Lou, and Miloš can close. This Clippers team could be a dangerous first round opponent if healthy even without Beverley.

  2. Lou Williams is everything I wanted Jamal Crawford AND Chris Paul to be. Swag. Super confident with his range and jumper. Both JJ and Jamal would disappear when Playoffs rolled around.

    Already established older players while these young guys are hungry just trying to make the league. Play fast and hard like drilling pussy.

    Had CP went to the Lakers, him handling the ball so much like Kobe would never work. I will root for CP3 wherever he goes but him and Blake never really jelled on or off the court.

    Unsung hero – Tyrone Wallace.

    It's his 3rd game from the G-League! He got thrown to the arena pit by having to face the Warriors two out of three times. Dude dropped 21 pts.

    Only three guys on the team can handle the ball and set up plays. Lou, Ty, and rookie Jawun. I wished the Clippers from 2013-2017 had the same sense of urgency that this scrappy and fearless bunch have shown.

    Doc Rivers no longer CEO of the Clippers is coaching out of his mind. Finally! He needed to save his job and he did so. Better than Luke Walton, that's for sure.

  3. It's so weird because this dude has always been capable of being a big-time scorer and he does it in stretches but he's never stayed with one team long enough to get the whole system down and averaged 20 for a whole season even though he's capable of doing that

  4. I'm not at all surprised by Lou Williams scoring this many points, and this also marks the first fifty-point game of his career. Lou Williams definitely deserved to be the MVP of this game!!!

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