Lord Jamar (Full Interview)

Lord Jamar is back on the Vlad Couch to give his opinions on some of the hot topics of the moment, the pair debate in their usual manner from everything to Bill Maher’s use of the N-Word to how the white male gaze shapes history. The Brand Nubian also reveals that he likes Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO TOUR Llif3”, why he couldn’t get into Lil Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions and the lifespan of the average rapper’s career.

Watch the full interview above.


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  • I actually like it when the videos are chopped up into segments because subject matter matters and its easier for the attention span when sharing these important interviewed with others. But nonetheless enjoying the interview in this entirely.

  • Yo I appreciate Vlads service to the media culture. I enjoy a lot of his interviews. I won't say I watch everyone, however the ones I enjoy I'll give him credit for. I would like to see Vlad interview a movie star, say like Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Lawrence Fishburne. I enjoyed the wood Harris interview a lot & learned a lot about dude. Dude looks young be he's been acting for about 20 years now.

  • Yo Vlad interview Andre 3000 that dudes an amazing MC & is a fucking Icon in his own right.

  • I don't think jamar should get his own channel. The dynamic of him reacting & feeding off vlads questions & perspective makes these interviews gold

  • Salute Lord Jamar From Montreal Canada 🇨🇦

  • LordJamar100

  • 10:52 "So have multiple slave masters". My man Jamar stay spittin' facts. White people don't understand we get offended when they say "Nigga" because of the historical relationship they have with the word. It's like 'Bitch", the historical relationship men have with that word in regards to women is negative which is why most of us are hesitant to use it around them.

  • When he was talking about war like society's, he was basically trying to say "black people ain't violent, white people started war" 😂

  • DJvlad: whats your favourite lil uzi song right now?

    Lord jamar:I dont really care if you cryyyyy
    😂😂😂😂😭 now im crying xD!

  • My mom would be on Death Row for all the spectacular ass whooping a she delivered…

  • Rockefeller was a good riddance

  • Only interviews from this nigga I’ll watch immediately

  • "YOU GON LEARN TODAY" Thats from Kev…And you cant say what "kids" are saying in school now because your not there.

  • You can only love this guy

  • Vlad sound like someone who masturbate alot

  • fuck these other niggas, lord jamar the only nigga igaf about

  • Lord Jamar tooth look clean and dirty AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

  • Lord Jamar is a cocksucker.

  • George Carlin Lord Jamar

  • Richard Pryor Live in Concert is the greatest standup performance of all time hands down.

  • is this new. this nigga be on here a lot!



  • amsterdam loves the lord j

  • Hell ya….new lord jamar interview….once a month lol.

  • hahah vladdy keep jamar coming amazing!


  • The native Americans and Africans weren't war like enough or they would've killed  those euro pieces of dog shit the very moment they were spotted  no questions asked  and possibly slowed down the rate of Africans being enslaved and Africa being colonized North Sentinel Island  is the ONLY place on earth that was never overtaken by colonization Why? Because when they euros tried to pull that bullshit, the black people of that island killed them on sight

  • Lord jamar I love your interviews. Your fine young Man.

  • Vlad has black friends incase you didnt hear it the first 36 times

  • lord Jamar I think you'd only benefit from making your own podcast like willie d speak some knowledge and wisdom to the youngins and the world in general

  • "like, like you nah I mean, it's like"-Lord Jamar 😂

  • These interviews are the most random shits I ever seen questions just come out of nowhere, vlad king of random stupidity.

  • Lord Jamar Vlad TV interviews, FOREVER.

  • lord jamar. if there were more black men like you, u would have dated black guys. you act like a real man.

  • These 2 need a show together