Lord Jamar: Frank Sinatra is the Only White Artist I Hold in High Esteem

Lord Jamar recently admitted that he didn’t realize “Bad and Boujee” was a Migos song until DJ Vlad pointed it out, and the Brand Nubian rapper added that he thinks all new rappers sound alike. He then went on to talk about Donald Glover comparing the Atlanta trio to The Beatles, which opened up a conversation on white artists that Lord Jamar holds in high esteem.

While Lord Jamar admits that he doesn’t hold The Beatles in as high esteem as white people, he revealed that he does like Frank Sinatra. To hear more of Lord Jamar’s conversation, hit the above clip.


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  • How can he say this? In the old episodes of "Soul Train" Don Cornelius would rarely put white artists on his show but whenever Elton John would throw a new song he'd put him on.

  • In high self-esteem….roflcopter

  • Lord Jamar always talking shit ! LOL but he's hitting on some shit here. but Johnny Cash i felt was more real than Sinatra… only because Cash wasn't pretentious like Sinatra was

  • HIGH ESTEEM; NOT HIGH SELF-ESTEEM. That was really bugging me.

  • It's true history. The Beatles, Elvis Presley all got their shit from black music. It's history that rock and roll was started by black artists, chuck berry, little Richard etc. 👌🏾

  • This is funny almost seems like a spoof or something.

  • Lord Jamar throwing love to Cash and country speaks volumes about his knowledge of music…. this man knows his shit.

  • Dean Martin was better than Sinatra.

  • When asked if he views any white artist in high esteem, jamar was thinking " mmmm, does this vlad man not cop on that I'm an incredible racist

  • Black people definetly were the roots of almost all the modern popular music and music in general for a long time but cause white singers and groups were inspired by them doesn't mean they can't be thought of as just as good

  • damn Jamar we thought it and you said it

  • Lmao at 6:36 "Hell yeah Elton John" lmao 😂

  • vlad just wants jamar to punch him in the face vlad is trolling he wants jamar to lose control

  • Stfu lamar you racist bitch.. you have no career and no one knows you loll

  • dudes just a washed up hater who thinks too highly of himself

  • Lord Jamar is high key insecure about his blackness

  • David Bowie- That's sum white people shit. So funny and true.

  • This guy hates white people bro, it's uncomfortable. Sad

  • White people copied black music and made it better.

  • he a bitch ass nigga

  • Beatles 500 million sold motha fucka

    suck on that one

  • I'm white and can't stand Elvis and think the Beatles are highly overrated and love all of Motown, with that said it kills some black people to give white athletes or singers, etc their due. don't tell me led Zeppelin isn't the best or one of the baddest rock groups ever

  • The Beatles don't hold a candle to bands like Earth, Wind, & Fire, Parliament, or Kool and the Gang.

  • alright blacks can have music… just let us keep movies

  • I like dude but he is anti-white all day long. He doesn't know anything about any other musical style other than hip-hop and r&b and pop music.

  • Lord Jamar is like that racist cop in dont be a menace "I hate whoopi goldbergs LIPS" but with white people and white things instead. Of course he isn't going to like "white" music or "white" artists. When you judge the music by what color skin the person was who made it nothing more needs to be said about you

  • The migos are trash there music is pure garbage today's music is all homo skinny jean transgender fuck shit I wish 2pac was still alive

  • Lord Jamar hates all white people which is fucked up btw the migos are copying the Beatles lol o yea Jamar says he's better rapper than Eminem

  • I wish Jamar would just admit he hates all white people he's a seriously racist guy but let's get serious idk y he even gets interviews his music is trash

  • 4:38 hahahhahaha he compeltely freaks out

  • younottamean?

  • Sinatra was to the Italian mafia what the Lox is to the hood. "I'm the nigga that the killers respect." -styles p …. Sinatra used to come to my neighborhood's old social club (it's a laundromat now) and he used to be courted by fuckin straight stone killers lmfao. (I could say this shit because everyone is dead or in the cage anyway so it doesn't matter anymore)

  • Frank Sinatra?! He sang in one key. His voice was flat. This is common knowledge.

    Roy Orbison was probably the greatest crooner.

    There are literally hundreds of white artists worthy of respect.

  • really thought Jamar had got cold or fever or somethin' until 04:43

  • Atlanta was GREAT. Foh

  • Atlanta is a great show vlads a hater who talks too much instead of letting the person who he's interviewing actually talk he might as well just interview his self

  • ahk this is, Benz I neEd to find that Lo Jacket ahki WalLAh. #Dope

  • GotTa put a felLa where to get that ahk TelLa felLa

  • Black peoples didn't fuck with David Bowie?! He was on fucking Soul Train when it meant something. Also how about metal music or rock music? You don't hold any of those acts in high esteem?

  • Just another black racist that gives no credit to anything white.

  • LMAO as a mixed half black half white male I can't help but laugh at you black americans… 80% of you are some of the most close-minded, ignorant human beings to ever live. Thank God I wasn't born in the USA, if you come to England and say some dumb shit like "white music" or "if you're black and don't like hip hop you're a sellout" you will get clowned and slapped in the fucking face by the black community. Please keep wallowing in your pathetic ignorance and don't come anywhere near the UK, you would only litter our society.

  • When this nigga dies I'll be the first to piss on his grave!