Lonzo Ball’s Conditioning An Issue At Lakers’ Work Out | SportsCenter | ESPN

L.A. Daily News’ Mark Medina joins Cari Champion to discuss Lonzo Ball’s work out with the Los Angeles Lakers and notes his conditioning was an issue.

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  • This a smokescreen from the Lakers because they're hearing Celtics may take up or somebody may trade up to #1 to get him. They've been throwing him under the bus since the workout. It's a BS. "Conditioning" It's June lol

  • E

    I love how the lakers are just bullshitting everybody, trying to make nobody take him, Lavar been training him everyday his whole life, lol who they bullshitting?

  • I bet that Lavar is having a shit fit.

    It would be so poetic if LA passes on Ball!

  • Fox is the better PG. Ball looks stuck in the mud and has an awful first step and awkward jumper. Josh Jackson and Deaaron Fox are the two best players.

  • Fake Drake Wannabe lol

  • Damn she's fine

  • No it isn't. Guarantee you if he never garnered the attention his father brought and still played exactly how he did his freshman year he wouldn't have all these issues

  • yea laker going take lonzo slow noD ball

  • Within the first minute, he says that his lack of conditioning doesn't matter. So much for this segment.

  • 🅱️🅱️🅱️

  • Lies. He has The best conditioning in the draft.

  • Fake news

  • I'm calling the Lakers bluff, these comments are done to deter the Celtics from drafting Lonzo. I did a video on my channel discussing his workout and the fallout. You should check it out and let me know what you think. I'm new to YouTube so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • Ain't nothing wrong with my boy #TripleBz

  • Tired? Have you seen lonzo run in chino hills? Every game he played was like a fucking track meet when he was with his bros. it's a 1 on 1 workout. For fucks sake he was the only player being scouted and you don't get breaks if you want to show out to the team that wants to draft you. 😤

  • Smoke screen he was interviewed right after the workout and didn't seem tired at all. SMH

  • Why don't they work these dudes out against Kobe 1on1? They won't win but it'll tell a lot

  • I'd fuck the shit out of Cari

  • Why can't Levar just let his sons speak for themselves? He's going to fuck up their careers! Imagine the stress, pressure and expectations you'll have to go through knowing you're a lottery pick? Now imagine your loud mouth father trash talking for you saying you're better than All Stars and Legends who have already proved themselves in the professional game. Levar needs to STFU and let his kid play ball.

  • Lol if the lakers pass up on another dude over "condition" I swear Ima blow 😂 and I'm not even a laker fan. Obviously lakers aren't going to flaunt how great he was when they don't have the #1 pick

  • it's going to be interesting the up coming 10 days and beyond once the draft comes and goes

  • Lakers should swap pick two and deng for kings 5th and 10th pick, take
    Dearron Fox and Lauri Markkanen then Ike Anigbogu at 28th. Trade Dearron Fox and Julies Randle for Paul George and throw in Mozgov
    Pg – D'angelo
    Sg – Ingram
    Sf – George
    Pf – Markkanen
    C – Zubac
    Bench : Clarkson, Nwamba, Young, Nance, Anigbogu, Tyler Ennis & Thomas
    Boom! Team defense improves with Russell oversized guarding pgs, Ingram
    oversized guarding sgs, Paul George who is a elite defender and two
    7fters in your frontcourt, keep a great bench & get rid of Deng and
    Mozgovs contracts drops mic

  • You play wherever you get drafted to and only dictate where you want to go when you earned that right. So stop all the whining Ball

  • I want him to be a Laker cause I wanna see how he turns out to play

  • thought that was Drake in the thumbnail

  • I'm confused… in highschool he played 38 minutes straight every game, only breaks were timeouts

  • Lavar Ball-My boy don't need to get faster, everyone else needs to get slower.

  • Lonzo will be a Laker

  • Why that bitch hating on lonzo like dat

  • Lavar already said he shut Lonzo down weeks ago. he wasn't supposed to play as to avoid injury and keep his chance to go to the Lakers. of course his conditioning will be less than 100 if he's been staying off his feet by order of his father. in peak form, i don't think getting tired will be an issue for Lonzo. he's 19 and skinny as a stick. it's not like he's a fat scrub that we need to worry about. he ain't no Kwame Brown, BABAY!!

  • If u draft my boy he will play 48 minutes per game. – Lavar Ball

  • Lakers going to draft de AARON fox lol

  • And I thought Cari's skirt couldn't get shorter…

  • Lonzo is the next Sebastian Telfair

  • Lakers are not gonna take the Ball kid just because his fathers was saying it's gonna play for the Lakers before do sure I bet you that

  • These niggas aint foolin the celtics with that shit

  • Isn't the fucking point of these work outs to wear them out????

  • Lonzo runs hills everyday, what the fuck are they talking about