Lonzo Ball To Make Biggest Impact For Lakers | SC with SVP | June 23, 2017

Jay Bilas joins SVP to recap the 2017 NBA Draft class and predicts Lonzo Ball could have the most impact for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • Lonzo will be box office, till the Lakers actually play their first game. Then he will be bust.

  • I called LONZO going to the lakers in my Ball Family disstrack😂💜💛💜💛

  • Tatyum = Bust

  • Lavar Ball spoke it into existence !! I cannot hate.

  • the guy in a couple who will be the best is de aaron fox mark my words

  • Lonzo ball get injured

  • def is the main key to be a good player in nba, and lonzo lack of it and all players of lakers , i dont see any deference..

  • I just want to see Lonzo make it big so that Lavar and Stephen A. can argue for the next 20 years.


  • Lakers are gonna be fucking trash this season. Their best player was D'angelo plus Randle and Ingram are garbage

  • Lonzo Ball is probably the next era Kobe or Stephen Curry if he can play at the level he needs to. As of right now it's Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant era.

  • OKC got the steal of the draft in Terrance Ferguson. Future hall of famer.

  • He's the next GOAT

  • Lonzo's passing and ball sharing is to great for him to be a bust, He knows how to play basketball the right way

  • It's almost time for Warriors bandwagon fans getting back to being Lakers fans. 😂

  • De'Aaron Fox>Lonzo Ball

  • Lonzo going to Lakers was so predictable.

  • Lonzo better be great, may be overhyped because of his annoying dad.

  • Blessed to have this guy! #Lakers

  • 30 second unskippable commercial for a video under two minutes…Come on ESPN that's bad

  • Can you please not talk about Lavar every time? and why is it always the white host or analyst talking about Lavar? He is a loud mouth blabbering black man, guys like that are everywhere

  • lmao Jay Bilas literally buzzed by his own admittance

  • I feel bad for the 1st pick going to Phili…damn! celtics would have been heaven…

  • Ball will be the best payer in the draft. someone that passes like Nash with a big wingspan and better athleticism.

  • Lonzo's a nobody! We wouldn't even know who he was if it wasn't for his dumb ass father,Lavar! #BUST

  • well i gotta switch teams now….corny ball family

  • Lakers still a real franchise? I thought they are just a reality TV show? They have more feuds than niggas in the rap game.

    It doesn't matter how good Lonzo will be, LaVar will always piss off the organization and other players around the league. Embiid and Simmons are already ripping them.

    LeBron doesn't want to be on a toxic franchise competing with Big Baller Brand and arguing with Lonzo's father in the press. I'm so happy Lakers drafted this kid 🛄. Now all the liberal media in Hollywood will look for are feuds and narratives. LeBron will go to the Clippers and not the LaVarkers.

    Jerry West vs Phil Jackson
    Shaq v Kobe
    Lamar & Khloe
    DLo v Swaggy P / teammates
    Jeanie vs Jim Buss

    Jerry West was used as some hoe and then dumped when Phil Jackson took over. Bill Plaschke is whining The Logo went to the Clippers. West was available back in 2011 before he signed with the Warriors! Why didn't Plaschke complain about it back then? Oh yeah, because Steve Ballmer offered him more money and is treating him right.

    Plaschke only mentions it now because he goes to the Clippers? That's how ungrateful and petty the Lakers have always been. I expect karma on them because LaVar Ball is using the Lakers to promote BBB. You think BBB can be known if Lonzo was in Philly or Boston?

    Lakers traded Shaq for non-stars after he helped win three straight chips. Laker fans never appreciated Pau Gasol. They sent Odom to Dallas and Fisher to OKC like it was no big deal. Lakertards were too busy sucking Kobe's dick harder than Vanessa. Lakers use and use until they toss them away like trash.

    Phil Jackson was hurt when Lakers hired D'Antoni over him. That's why he is ruining the Knicks right now. Too many inflated egos. Lakers might peak at 50-55 wins and be nothing. The best players in the draft are Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum.

    With LaVar Ball and so much unrealistic expectations media pressure, and feuding owners, Lakers will be a toxic situation for years. Avoid the Lakers for years to come!

  • Big W for the Lakers good pick, we got that ball boi!

  • 15 ppg 6rb 7ast