Lonzo Ball Has Second Workout With Lakers | SC6 | June 16, 2017

Ramona Shelburne joins SC6 to discuss the Boston Celtics potentially trading the No. 1 pick to the Philadelphia 76ers and Lonzo Ball’s second workout with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • Ramona doesn't know jack. All her news are either late or wrong.

  • A U

    It would be funny if he gets picked by the Celtics only to be traded to the Kings.

  • Mark my words, Lonzo Ball will be a bust and he's probably the 4th best point guard in this draft behind Fultz, Fox and Smith Jr. What recent NBA Championship team has a pass first pg? 🤔 I'll wait. I don't see what ya'll see in this kid , he's hella overrated and if the Lakers draft him I'm gonna have to find a new team

  • It's 100 percent guaranteed Lonzo is going # 1 don't be fooled at all. The 76ers are trying to snag Lonzo at # 1, The Lakers are so nervous that they are willing to trade up to get Lonzo.

  • D'Angelo Russell is much better basketball player than Lonzo Ball right now. He is a better scorer, better clutch player, has better handles and is only 21 years old. Russell and Ball have a similar ceiling, so what's the point of drafting Lonzo, when they become a tougher and more athletic team by drafting Josh Jackson.

  • is she the sister of the lady who picks the xxl magazine cover 😂

  • This guy has learned nothing, he wants a billion.dollars for himself because his non white feet are fast, but instead of saying, " for every.dozen.shows sold he'll donate 150 pairs of shoes to.africa, for every gross he'll dig a well for every.thousand he'll endow a clinic ," he'll keep it all. American black athlete s have the wherewithal to.make a difference, but they.dont !

  • these bitch is dum he couldn't even get into the NCAA tournament fuck out if here

  • This bitch is the most fucking annoying voice box ever shoved down someone's throat … and her smile matches her voice

  • So the whole lavar-ball-circus isnt a "distraction" worth talking about but people defend the blackballing of kaepernick cus of how much of a "distraction" he brings. America is a culture where no one bats an eye over thats its worse to try and bring attention to the plight of a community than to have a an asshole dad who makes everyone angry and annoyed for no reason or purpose.

  • I say Sixers should get this guy or Fox.

  • Lets just hope LONZO goes 2 the LAKERS if he doesn't then the HYPE is over and their luck goes down to 15 mins of fame

  • Y does she look like that?😂

  • I ain't hear a single word she said lol went straight to the comment section

  • How funny would it be if Lonzo fell to the dumpster fire that is Sacramento

  • Lonzo to the Bulls👀

  • 3:42 close your eyes. that sounds like lonzo

  • Celtics already have Isaiah Thomas

  • Call me an idiot, but I think all this is a smokescreen by the Lakers front office so that he doesn't go #1. I mean maybe I'm looking too deep

  • did that girl noone knows about just say we only know about lonzo because of his dad. we've known about him since highschool

  • Lonzo Ball is better than Stephen Curry he is the #1 Draft Pick he is the best Player in the Draft.

  • oh ok so my guy Smith was a role-player at the gym

  • she so annoying

  • My prediction, he will not make the lakers period!!!! Any bets? Talk to me

  • you know its disappointing when the draft is more interesting then the finals

  • This bitch looks likea slug🐌

  • Equality means unattractive fatties get to ruin sports shows.

  • Lets be real. Lavar didn't put Lonzo on the map, OSN did

  • Well, Lonzo Ball made one statement after UCLA lost in NCAA. "We were not going 2 win bcuz we had 2 white guys. That is "BS" attitude that is not Laker attitude.

  • Can't wait to see lonzo fail he sucks just like his bungle lips daddy

  • I think the worst kept secret in this years draft is that Danny Ainge is actually the one who really loves this kid. I think he gets the feeling that at this point the Lakers are taking Jackson and he'll just wait fir Ball to slide to him at 3 who is the player he wanted all along. I don't buy the Josh Jackson stuff with the Celtics because it makes ZERO sense. I understand that he's an Ainge type of player but he doesn't make sense for this team plus they already drafted Jaylen Brown last year who is pretty much the same player Jackson is. They're drafting a point guard this year it just so happens that Fultz was t the point guard they wanted. Danny Ainge is smart and he's not giving Isaiah Thomas a max contract. His weaknesses were exposed in the playoffs and he's a liability on defense. No way Ainge gives Thomas the max at this point. Not to mention that players such as Gordon Hayward among others have been have been nervous about coming to the Celtics because of his much IT dominates the ball, that wouldn't be an issue with Lonzo Ball. I'm sure Gordon Hayward would love to play with a point guard like Lonzo Ball. Ainge saw something in Fultz that just didn't feel right but Ball is the type of point guard Ainge loves. Great passer (a la Rondo), great athlete and a natural leader on and off the court. That is the type of player Danny Ainge loves and Markelle Fultz doesn't fit the typical mold of players Ainge likes and that's why he's passing on him. Bank on it, if Ball is there at 3 (which looks likely at this point) Ainge is taking him then trading Thomas shortly after and handing Ball the keys to the offense at point guard immediately