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  1. Nothing big is coming out of this event. Sony are not holding a presentation like they usually do. Its just going to be interviews with certain developers. We will probably just get more info on some games like release dates. Dont expect games like TLOU to show gameplay or anything.

  2. We need to see;
    Death Stranding
    Batman: Arkham Insurgency
    Resident Evil 2: Remastered

    We saw enough of Spider-Man, The Last Of Us: Part 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War 4 last month.

  3. The game demos, release dates, and new trailers I want to see at PSX are….

    Spider-Man PS4/Marvel's Spider-Man new game demo and an official release date, hopefully, early 2018 during Spring or mid 2018.

    The Last Of Us Part II official gameplay demo, a release date is unlikely but who knows?

    The Ghost Of Tsushima gameplay demo may also be unlikely but I'm very interested to see how the game is going to be since Sucker Punch is making it, if not that then a new trailer (probably unlikely) or a release date would be cool.

    A Detroit Become Human official release date would be cool, I'm very interested to play this game.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay demo and release date would be awesome to see but it's up to Rockstar if they want to show it.

    Rocksteady officially revealing what is the next DC superhero game is going to be with a teaser trailer would be nice to find out. Hopefully, it's a Superman, Flash, or Justice League game, either way, I'm sure I'll be excited about it.

    A God Of War official release date would be cool since it's said to be coming out early next year.

    That's about it for me, hopefully, a good amount of the things I listed above happens.

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