Lil Yachty Admits his First week Sales for ‘Teenage Emotions’ was disappointing. ‘I Was devastated’


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  1. Dude is wack period. This the dude that couldnt freestyle and when ppl were hyping him during said freestyle he said "you can't do that". This the same nigga that barely knew who pac and biggie was

  2. Unfocused? Man this lil dude is hot trash. His next album wont sale. He may have a few successful songs (idk why). its not my cup of tea and glad to see its not a lot of other peoples too. This trash mumble rapper need to die already. I blame akadrmiks for co-signing this phuckery. Let the talent return.

  3. when u said he comin out with a tape with lil pump then automatically i thought yep his ass is out of here soon..shit ain even been released yet hell probably ain even started on it but i know for a fact this shit finna be TRASH

  4. Don't only talk it, walk like it from the bricks to the booth
    I can predict the future like Cleo the psychic
    You can't date skills and wife it
    And you can't sell me BULLSHIT, we know the prices
    So what your life is?

    (Jay-Z "the rulers back")

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