Lil Wayne says ‘Birdman Can S*ck my D*CK’ While Performing on Stage.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Lil Wayne saying ‘Birdman Can S*ck my D*CK’ While Performing on Stage.
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  1. this is why birdman haven't release the c5 cuz wayne keep staring b.S. birdman not going release the c5 until he stop the beef and wayne know what he doin wayne might remake the c5 and released it but we all no that we want the ymcb c5 not the not that new c5

  2. all them niggas should of left birdman together then they woulda been taking cash money wit them.. wayne stayed and screwed his self half way.. shoulda left when juvy and mannie left

  3. " I aint never gon give youngin no head . . . no mo- I mean bread no mo, ya heard me. Not 1, not 2, not Tree million. Nothin, play bwoy! Fo anythang I wanna talk to that man on his face! " – Birdman

  4. @DjAkademiks when Wayne went on stage with birdman they wasn't cool, weezy said the only reason why he showed up is because birdman promised him he would give him some of the money he owed him, he knew Wayne would come if he lied to him about giving him the money..that's when birdman went on that rant

  5. Dudes in the Lucchese Crime Family are not kissing each other in the fuckin' MOUTH, trust me. That's what pimps do to hoes, call me Daddy & kiss me in the fuckin' mouth, type shit. Imagine putting you're face all up in you're best friends face, & kissing that motherfucker like a woman. Baby is showing you that he's got control over little boy Wayne, that's the bottom Fuckin' line to this shit. Dudes in the street are not going around kissing each other in the fuckin' MOUTH. That shit is not what any heterosexual man would do, I don't know what else to fuckin' tell you. ๐Ÿ‘ฅ

  6. LOL that intro Akademiks did was one of the funniest shit I've heard all year "bird man sanduski and his son tun chi kinte …the field and cash money plantation slave" LOL

  7. Most successful record label out there in my opinion, shame this money situation happened…. LIKE if you want everything to get sorted and remain it's number 1 spot as a record label ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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