Lil Kim Talks Friendship w/ Remy, Weight Gain, Mean Comments + Confirms Disturbing B.I.G. Story.

Lil Kim talks new music, friendships, weight gain, and the dark side of both the comments and B.I.G.
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  1. FUCK!.. Kim looks so damn good!😍👑🐝 I have to say, I didn't understand why she didn't do the Playboy thing till now. Morals🤷🏾‍♂️ Yes, Kim used to get on stage in see thru tops with no bra on & (still😂) has occasional but accidental wardrobe malfunctions but I guess she felt some type of way about it being done just completely nude & for a check. I respect that 👏🏾… That's still 7 figures tho😳😅

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