Legalize Sports Betting? Look At Marijuana As Template | 1 Big Thing | SC with SVP | June 28, 2017

SVP’s 1 Big Thing looks at the case to legalize sports betting in America and uses the legalization of marijuana in certain states as an example of what the benefits are.

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  • Or We can legalize all forms of Grambling and Legalize and regulate all drugs. So we can end This drug war and black market.

  • There is not Justification For Gambling/betting to be illegal. It's only illegal because the government can't make money off it. That's why it's They control and regulate it in Nevada.

  • If you sub to me I'll covefefe my mom in my next video 🔥🔥

  • Legalize pot

  • I'm smoking as they upload this 🙃😌

  • SVP is the only good ESPN sports show left…

  • guns are legal, they seem a little more dangerous

  • Didnt even know Sports betting was illegal, what the fuck that's the worst rule I've ever seen!??????

  • Wait a minute… is it illegal to bet on sports in the USA?? That can't be right, surely

  • This beat is lit

  • Okay Stan I'll definitely use marijuana as my guide!

  • I think those things are growing in my backyard.

  • Even if they do legalize it in New Jersey there probably not gonna let u bet one game at time and definitely won't let u bet on college sports

  • So Chris Christie's fat fuckin ass wants to legalize sports betting for gambling addicts, but still wants to keep marijuana illegal for sick people. Gotcha.

  • Won over $6000 betting on the Warriors to win on each game they played in the playoffs. It's lit.

  • can you guys in the states even gamble on websites?

  • wow sports gambling is actually illegal in the US? thats crazy i never knew that lol

  • but leagues still punish players for use even in states legalized it, so i imagine they would be even more strict even if it was legal and across sport like rose betting on nfl