Laz Alonso talks Colonization & Being Cuban and Black on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Even tho I miss Jason, they are doing a great job with great guest.. maybe I love them more after that boonk interview😂😂😂 Because that was rock bottom, after that one, I can watch everything it seems..

  2. This was a good episode. It seemed as if the breakfast club wanted that woman to shut up telling the truth. There is a conscious and subconscious bias against black people in Latin nations. It's never been touched until recently. By exposing this it will give the blacks among them a voice. It will also open up discussion of conflict between American blacks and latinos. There is a unspoken tension, friction between black and brown people that needs to be resolved.

  3. Look people – this is a podcast not fuckin' CNN or MSNBC. Podcasts are about conversations among people. You all have convo's saying. Huh hmmm, right-right, Word, trust and all kinds of non-sequtors, so stop! Go read about the slave 'maker', Willie Lynch and stop repeating his principles. Melyssa, Gio and Jason work well together. Stop.

  4. I love when laz says “I’m black first!” bc some Latin cultures really are trying to erase or ignore African (i.e. afrolatino) roots, heritage and people. That whole “we are all the same we are all Latino” is dismissive of black people as their own people with their own history.

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