LaVar Ball Will Try To Get Reality TV Show | SportsCenter | ESPN

Darren Rovell joins SportsCenter to discuss LaVar Ball’s WWE Raw appearance and how he thinks LaVar will try to get a reality TV show.

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  • Does ESPN need to pay Lavar Ball. The Writer & director's need to
    send Some of that NIKE Bash money they getting payed. To the Lavar Ball
    Foundation. Since they creat the narrative and not these 2 puppet's of
    pundit's. LAVAR make's the Game great again. And is a polarizing
    rating's Magnet. For any show. Cash up those royalty check's soon.

  • I'd watch that.. BBB and lavar

  • LaVar is a modern day philosopher, y'all just stupid

  • This guy is a modern day Don King.

  • Hilarious and genius all at the same time.

  • well when your the goat ppl cant get their eyes of him

  • please keep Lavar ball off my wrestling show

  • I would pay for this.

  • fuck yes!! the Ball family is so entertaining like we'll see behind the scenes of Lonzo's rookie year and LiAngelo's development at UCLA… like i rather watch them over the wack ass Kardashians

  • BEAT

  • beat that nigga ass

  • "Beat that nigga ass"

  • I used to hate on Lavar ball but im loving him more and more now. MAKE THAT MONEY BRO!! BBB!!!

  • ?guys you don't understand do you/ this nigga lavars son lonzo scored perfect 4.0 GPA, where do you think he got it from? this man lavar is the GOAT.

  • Lavar actually in pretty good shape for a 50 year old man. I'm impressed tbh

  • Lavar Ball vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in the Main Event of Wrestlemania

  • Lavar's physique is so similar to Miz's LMAO

  • I don't care about his marketing strategy, I don't care about him getting a show. I am only pissed because he is/the media is dragging all this garbage into the NBA and the NBA is accepting. Some of us just want to see 🏀

  • beat that niggas ass beat that niggas ass ! -leangelo

  • Lavar my dude you're on tv 24/7 now you gotta whiten up those teeth man those shits look hella funky

  • i love lavar, the guy is so smart

  • He better call it "Stay in Yo Lane"

  • ball family or Kardashian family which one would you watch

  • bruh lavar shouldve been a actor