Lavar Ball Responds to Donald Trump ; Talks Big Baller Brand + Picks Jordan over Lebron James



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  1. This dumbass just compared 50 cent to lavar ball wow. And said you came in like 50. Then said he was the suge knight of the nba wtf lavar has the audacity to say Suge had no brand??? People quick to forget death row was the biggest record label next to Rocafella and bad boy in the 90s decade before cash money no limit etc. With arguably the best rapper of all time tupac. This is professional basketballtball not fucking gangster rap wtf are y'all talking about. People would NEVER say this type of shit about Suge if he wasn't locked up and having health issues he would slap the shit out of lavar and all these other ppl talking down on him while he's in this situation. Real brave when a man is locked up dying basically

  2. The dickriding in this video is ridiculous I lost so much respect for this is 50 after this interview . Don't delete my comment either. HE DOES PUT TOO MUCH PRESSURE on his son lonzo is great and he's more timid and nervous bc lavar has put this huge Target on his back. It's never been about his shot but he shot 41% from 3 in college and never hesitated. And since when did lonzo make every game winner what are u talking about?? Lavar showed how dumb he really is in this interview. I had to keep coming back to comment on this stupidity. Asking him how did y'all get through it (china situation) like someone died or he got wrongfully jailed lol. He STOLE from 3 different stores and lied blaming it on his teammates stealing first when his card got declined and he started it after that , only one who took from every store. not "after they started taking stuff and one pair of glasses " like gelo said. Yea it's a big deal lavar he's a fucking crazy famous player who hasn't done shit and won't even be nba material (role player at best ) unlike the potential of melo and lonzo. over hyped up and kids look up to him . U said urself he wouldn't make the league. Stop downplaying his dumbass decision thinking he's above the law and can do whatever u want. Shit is your fault bc he wouldn't have that mentality of u weren't sucking the media dick to get the spotlight saying crazy shit to get attention

  3. I like this guy because he deals with reality. Especially when he mentioned Lonzo not being under pressure for doing something he has a passion for, especially when others are really struggling out here. The guy understands what he's doing. The media is giving him everything he wants.

  4. Wow one final point in the end he's acting like they won't give y'all a billion dollars, yes a BILLION DOLLARS bc you're black,??? Did you serious just try to insinuate that ridiculous idiotic statement.. maybe it's bc YOURE NOT EVEN WORTH 10% OF HALF A BILLION ARE U FUCKING DELUSIONAL…80% of the league and players with high money shoe deals are black u sound so fucking dumb. And ur expectations for lonzo are be the best player ever ???? And only ppl to compete with that are his brothers…???? Wowwwwwww. Dude I'm a fan of lonzo and melo like I fuck with them tough but that is the craziest thing I've eevr heard. Lonzobisnt even the best ROOKIE ON THE LAKERS . Let that sink in. He ain't even the best ROOOOOKIE on HIS ONE TEAM out of 30 teams and melo is 16 haven't even played a game of EURO, college basketball let alone nba and u said urself gelo won't even make the nba what in the actual fuck are u talking about . I literally lost so much respect for u after this interview u really exposed how dumb u really are DAMN

  5. there is much wisdom in what lavar ball said in this interview. it is worth you time to listen to this interview. it is crazy how people complain about the price of triple B merch. yet, people don't complain about the price of gucci, or prada. do you ever see anyone walk into a gucci store and tell the store manager that he should close the store because the stuff costs too much? of course not! the outrage over the Big Baller Brand seems to be because a black man is so "uppity" to think that he can launch a premium price product line. triple B's is taking over haters: BIG BALLER BRAND IS IN THE HOUSE – WORLDWIDE.

  6. 14:25. wasnt a PR move fam, Trump happened to be (luckily) at the right place at the right time… and HIS-PEOPLE noticed the window of opportunity and moved on that advantage. really not that complicated LOLOL

  7. Everything is calculated, what team is goin to sign a 16 year old kid, they goin to Lithuania, they going to ball everyone up and prove themselves, then next year sign to a legit overseas team.. y’all act like this man ain’t plan everything out, he ain’t dumb

  8. This shit funny as fuck typical nigger just running his mouth at a furniture store Mr. Trump should of left your thieving ass son in China for the next ten years big baller prison inmate could be your brand than your sons shoot 50 shots a game but only make about 10 of those shots everybody can get lucky 10 percent of the time

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