Lakers Would Give Up Assets For Paul George | SportsCenter | ESPN

Tom Penn explains what the Lakers would need to give up in order to make room and acquire Paul George.

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  • Lonzo to Kings LaVar to Lakers

  • Brandon Ingram, D-lo, and the No. 2 pick off limits

  • Clarkson and randle trade along with maybe nance

  • They gave clarkson $11.5 million??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ trade asap!!!!

  • Future lakers lineup:
    Ball, russel, Ingram George and zubac

  • What's the point in trading anyone when he will sign in Free Agency Next Year

  • he only told them this cause he wants out right now duh he really wants to play a year n Cleveland if you think about it n go to LA next year

  • If he's gonna be a free agent next season, why don't the Lakers just sign him up after this season is over?

  • BJ

    Trade that bum Dlo if anything

  • Your a dumbass why take out lonzo if he's gonna be the engine of the team

  • Clarkson and Deng and a bunch of second rounders for George. The Pacers arent really the ones to be picky here since George is the one leaving for LA.

  • Nigga Jim buss dumbass just had to give Jordan clarkson 11.5 mill huh…? Yeh fuck him.

  • Just trade Clarkson and the snitch. They are easily replaceable and i dont have high potential either.

  • Im putting deng in a package deal

  • This is nothing new; that's why Larry Bird stepped away. Now; who's going to be sold on this rental? Cleveland and Indiana will take nothing minimum for him.

  • Clarkson
    2 first round picks 28th & mid late round "just heard Lakers tryna get another 1st round pick today " for PG

    draft ball .

  • If Lakers get Lonzo Ball, the. They need to trade Clarkson or Russell

  • Philly young core >> lakers

  • Tbh George might be right to play with the Lakers, nobody will win a ring besides Cavs and Warriors until Lebron retires or leaves CLE and all the stars of the Warriors age, so if you cant win a ring in all but 2 teams in the league, why not take all the money and play in your hometown, close to your friends and family?

  • I feel like waiting just 1 season would literally kill magic, DON'T TRADE AWAY OUR CORE!!!


  • Everytime you rebuild the Lakers in 2k you trade Mozgov and Deng for 1st or 2nd round picks please do that Lakers management

  • lakers only trade deng and mozgov for george lol

  • Why's D-Lo in that TV? He should be in the gym

  • russell and randle share same agent as pg

  • No way we trade Russell if we get get him for free

  • If I'm the lakers I'd give up Randle and the 28th pick which is probably the best offer out there that would be somewhat beneficial to the pacers. Getting love from the cavs would just set them back even more with him being older than pg plus you don't really get a real asset from that trade. I would propose clarkson Larry nance 28th pick and deng first though just to gauge their interest on that.

  • Don't trade anyone. Patience is key.

  • Wait to sign him in free agency

  • Russell has great potential randle useless I would trade Russell and randle for George giving you a lineup of Paul George Brandon Ingram lonzo ball Jordan clarkson if that happens they win 50 games and get the fourth or fifth seed.

  • Lakers need to unload Russell randle mosgov for George.

  • Trade russell get lonzo profit