Laith Ashley talks Relationship with Isis King on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Trans men are more stealth than trans women who need to be seen like women. He's a nice looking trans man and Isis is a nice looking trans woman. Nothing to be confused about its just body changes and anything that makes one feel good about themselves do what's RIGHT for you.

  2. All I have to say is give people the option to be with you! Be honest! If you are trans let a person know before you get in a relationship with them or lay down with them! Idnt care what excuse you give it’s wrong if you do that. Taking away someone’s option is wrong when you have a choice. Some people are down with that but some people are not

  3. I really don't get why people care so much what people do behind closed doors. As long as no one is getting hurt or being abused why do we care. He is living his truth and I am fine with it.

  4. This is how labels fuck us ALL up…humans always gotta feel the need to understand things by labeling and compartmentalizing EVERYTHING!!! When sometimes somethings are just beyond comprehension…

    Somethings just dont have to make sense.

    It's not just XX = Female
    XY = Male

    There are different variations.

    The only fact is YY chromosomes DOES NOT EXIST.

    EVERYBODY as an embryo start of as female. That should answer Lot of questions right there

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