La La Anthony Opens Up On Carmelo, Phil Jackson’s Firing & Her Big Break

LaLa breaks it down with Ebro in the Morning on how she feels about Phil Jackson being fired, where her and Melo stand right now, and how she got her first big break.


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  • Melo wasn't chilling when he pulled up on KG though 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • look at the bitches she hang with of course she's a thot

  • laura is so annoying

  • don't even have to listen to this interview to know La La gave zero inside juice on her and Mello. They're extremely private… and absolutely NOTHING wrong with that

  • You know the culture is fucked up when you got a dude from Oakland California and a Jewish white boy dealing with the top news and topics of a culture FOH GO BACK Whenever you come from Oakland downtown Brooklyn wherever you from go there

  • LaLa will get back with Carmelo trust me….

  • Laura is fucking ugly why ebro lie to her in the intros bruh

  • i wanna sniff her booty no lie

  • she ugly melo could do wayyyyyy better

  • Knicks need to trade Melo…

  • LaLa's voice is like butter to my ears

  • that bitch is a thot

  • melo made her

  • She looks like Melo but she's beautiful

  • Damn lala making a bid for a billionaire watch out

  • LALA like hood niggas lol

  • La La bad Melo need to find a way to bring their relationship back on good terms

  • LaLa is so fine want to put my hands on her ass cheeks and have it wide open and eat like i love

  • Damn I love lala 😍😍😍