Kojo Funds Refuses to Speak on J Hus Beef, Despite Diss Record

Kojo Funds stays tight-lipped as DJ Vlad asks him to explain the origin of his beef with fellow UK artist J Hus. While, the pair have exchanged diss records (“Delajore” & “Arriba!,”) aimed at one another, Kojo chooses to say “it’s nothing.” With an agenda to focus on his music over his beef, Kojo goes on to explain his Afro Swing style of music, which he describes as “the Afro element, the African element…and the swing is from genre to genre – Dancehall, Rap, New Jack Swing.” The Ghanian artist speaks on the mainstream acceptance of afrobeat, and the effect of Drake’s More Life playlist incorporating many UK elements into its sound.


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  • Hows vlad gonna recite lyrics fucking fed!

  • this pussy can't talk about the Husler.. Lil Kojo knows soon Stratford or Plaistow Gs will get him poked up or shoot up… Pussy

  • Officer Vlad back at it again

  • stay silent, they only know what you tell them… take notes

  • This nigga Vlad is really reciting the full lyrics kmt


  • Niggas getting shot and stabbed over this beef, this nigga ain't finna dry snitch

  • check my channel out for history on their beef

  • Vlad is a fucking instigator he's needs a bang to his face👊🏾😡

  • Vlad is a fucking instigator he's needs a bang to his face👊🏾😡

  • I don't even comment much but you man talk sooo much shit loool, his asking him about RAP BEEF, yes it may be street too but it's in his music so it becomes Hip Hop. You fools are acting like Vlad just got any gangbanger from the streets and asked him about his gang life. They made diss songs so Vlad wants to know the history behind it. And in other parts of the interview Vlad asks him about the Caribbean influence and African influences on his music, where he got his name from & what it was like growing up. Lool no snitching in that to me

  • Vlads out here tryna get rappers killed

  • Good job kid. keeping it classy.

  • This is beyond stupid. This guy needs to just tell Vlad that he doesn't want to speak on this topic at all. The way that he's being all coy and non-responsive is just gay. Like, who does that? Besides children who got in trouble with their mother and are trying to avoid a spanking.

  • Y'all mad because he ain't snitching on himself like these shitty ass rappers are now?? 😂😂😂 net Niggas and trust fund whiteboys kill me with tht shit real men don't thrive off the negativity of a another man y'all females waiting to here the shitty rappers "spill the tea" like some bitter hoes 😂😂 shit is personal he don't wanna talk about it the beef is real like in the streets real it ain't no Twitter fingers no bck and fourths like dolph and youngsta so let it be 😂😂😂

  • as per usual DJ VLAD (The White Jewish Culture Vulture)  is on his quest to shit stir and create beef between black people,  in order for him to make money off of views.  Its laughable watching him try to talk about street shit that one of his researchers probably told him about, I order to make money.

  • Vlad ALWAYS tryna get some 1 convicted Smh

  • Kojo was getting so mad look at his face when he's talking😳vlad u need to get the fuck out of there bro

  • who & who?

  • Kojo thinks he's in a fuckin police interview 🤐
    Vlad does go on like police though

  • Ain't any snitching involved to talk about rap beef. This ain't street SHIT until it's street SHIT. Urybody actin like dude not talking about a rap track is code of the streets type shit. That Vlad's lane, stop crying cuz he driving in it.

  • Kojo moving like he's in the interrogation room "no comment"

  • Jon

    does vlad do all his interviews over the phone? wonder if his interview tactics would play out different if they were face to face

  • Vlad tv is police

  • No love for an informer

  • Vlad your weak your questions are horrible

  • You don't respond to hate because you know it's true

  • Who's watching this feeling bad for this guy? Wtf is wrong with vlad

  • Vlad you think this is a game where man is gonna put himself in it. UK we have taskforces that convict artists all the time over their lyrics. Stop asking questions if he dont wanna answer

  • Basically a fed and this is interrogation

  • fucking love that giggs got everyone flat out refusing to chat this shit on tape with Vlad .. let the show pony's over the pond grass themselves up !!!

  • Vlad "ppl diss me all the time but I dont respond" this beef is so much deeper than music