Kojo Funds on Singing Gangster Music, Gun Lyrics

UK artist Kojo Funds sat down with VladTV for the first time to talk about his heritage, his East London upbringing, his eclectic taste in music, and how his career in music started to take off. “It got reception, and that’s when I thought I could do this singing kind of thing,” he says. Watch above.


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  • Kojo is always awkward in Interviews

  • zzzzzzzzzz

  • Vlad is good at the ignorant white boy thing

  • Jhus is a g

  • Dre

    "Singing gangster music" I'm dead

  • It seems like these artists just go on vlad just to say they have been on vlad but they don't care for the actual interview and are not prepared to answer any of the questions. Shits fucking corny

  • N M

    That east side in London is crazy as hell

  • These dudes don't have a clue. They don't know how to take an interview…Or just even hold a conversation. It's actually sad.

  • That nigga had a huge smile when Vlad said he one of the biggest in UK

  • Kojo's nervous giggling and sniggling makes him come off as a phony, a wanksta.

  • Damn, what did the Caribbean side of his family do to him?

  • Some next type of awkward interview

  • looks straight up Ghanaian


  • Vlad should interview Diesle D Power, he'll get the best insight on our music scene

  • Get Bashy on there. He had a leading role in the latest 24 series and he knows where Dominica is.

  • interview cbiz vladtv

  • Pfft get J hus on not dis prick

  • Vlad just wants to know about gun talk and never about music

  • I'm 40 seconds in and it's so bait that this interview was done over Skype

  • What the fucks wrong with him? He high or something? Or is he a crack fiend?

  • Same old questions, same old topics! Vlad work on your journalistic skills!

  • where's j hus ?

  • donny soun like he's high tho

  • vlad needs to interview skrapz

  • i fucks with these uk rap niggas cause they move right. i done seen 4 uk vlad interviews and all 4 of them niggas make sure they aint dry snitching or admitting to nothing. real niggas move in silence

  • How many times have you got to be told. Uk niggas don't self snitch

  • 🇬🇧

  • Vlad fuck offff man gets uk artists on and all he says is over here we have this over here we have that your meant to be interviewing kojo man so new people know what he all about kojo interset level is at 0!!!! Stay in ye lane vlad

  • And another point if your accent is blatenly london i dont get how man like kojo an j hus just change der accent when it suits dem we used to diss man puttin on accents now its cool (as long as you got a ancestor from that descent)maaaaad!!

  • did dude just refer to the years 2013 and 2014 as o14 and o13???????