Kodak Black Tries to Explain his statement about not liking ‘Black Girls’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Kodak Black Trying to Explain his statement about not liking ‘Black Girls’
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  1. "I like a long hair thick red-bone
    Open up her legs to fillet Mignon that pussy" I think this is what this nigga is trying to say.

  2. You trying to justify what Kodak said but it was still wrong and you revisiting your comments didn't help. The conversation is longer than a 10 minute video. Both comments were wrong but there is a better way to express those feelings and neither of you made your situation better.

  3. he's a hood dude and not that articulate with words. I'm sure he doesn't mean anything disrespectful to all the black beautiful Nubian Queens. everyone stop hyping about it.

  4. I don't want a single dark/brown skin to get offended cause just look at him he don't look any better and i bet his mom looks like that as well and he sounds dumb as hell. Lets see where he at 10 years from now along with all these mumble wrappers. We are magical and will always be the most physically unique women on this ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ‘‘

  5. No Ak… this dude hides behind preference when he's really exhibiting COLORISM. Preference does NOT mean EXCLUSION! I like big tall dark dudes but I've dated light short small… I don't discriminate but yes my preference will catch my eye. I haven't dated white but I can say yes that white guy is cute I could get with him. Kodak roach said no dark skin bishes are not attractive. This is not the first time he said something raggedy towards dark skinned women. He's colorstruck & he should just own it…

  6. Did we forget this man made a WHOLE video degrading black Woman and here he goes again. You guys really are blind if you think this man doesn't have some weird hatred/ obsession with black/ dark skin women. It's one thing to say they aren't my preference but to go out of your way to make whole songs dedicated to what you don't like is hoping the fence from preference to hatred. Stop supporting people to degrade black people (men or women) in the media. Lets be real this is only colorism so you can f*** dark women but suddenly they aren't good enough to be on your arm ?? So then you are attracted to them then. Your preference is rooted in colorism the belief light skin is better then dark skin because it is closer to white. He needs to stop tap dancing and have several seats lol these rappers really need to get their money and stop wasting is on nonsense and go back to school

  7. I don't care if he like dogs more than black women iv seen his interviews and he should not hold any women down by being in their life so praise GOD he won't date dark black wen we have enough problem in this world

  8. Kodak black ugly ๐Ÿ˜ญI ain't even worried about this shit , imma just go get me a white boy or an Asian boy or a Hispanic boy or any other race since y'all mfs wildin rn

  9. Tbh I don't care what he likes. Everybody has their preference. But aye he shoulda jus said he loves beautiful because the media takes it overboard. He's dark skin so I'm pretty sure his parents are too. Maybe he isn't confident in his own skin ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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