Kodak Black Temporarily Deletes Social Media Accounts After Black Women Comments

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  1. I wish a black female(not woman most of them don't deserve that title) would tell me they were a "Nubian Queen" or "A Goddess" or even "Mother Earth". Most of you heifers are horrible people. How do you females keep saying that ya'll are all these titles of empowerment, but get mad over what one black man has to say? Ya'll said it yourselves that you're confident and strong LOL. Don't seem like it to me… If you females actually acted like ladies and women you wouldn't have to entitle yourselves. #NOBODY/CALLS/ BLACK/ WOMEN/ THESE/ NAMES/ MORE/ THAN/ BLACK/ WOMEN/ THEMSELVES

  2. Seriously, this muthafucka is the ugliest thing I've seen in my life and got the nerve to be picky. What kind of chick could you pull if you weren't famous dude? Well, we gone see when your 15 minutes are up and you're broke, how many of those fine dime pieces you can pull with no ends. And any chick that dates this fool is dumb. He can only get low-class gutter bitches (of any color) because he's a low-class gutter dude.

  3. cmon, the boy speaks like he has a 4th grade special ed certificate. what language is that, hieroglyphics? do you really expect a special edasz nigga to know the difference between his head and a street full of potholes? dark or light preference, when did special ed gremlins get options? Who's letting him climb atop of them and do his business? show me that bich and I'll show you the dumbest bich on this planet

  4. Saying you don't like dark skinned women is just as wrong as saying you don't like black women. We need to stop brushing off Eurocentric social conditioning as having a "preference". As if you were born not liking dark skin.

  5. Kodak isnt a mumble rapper!? He LITERALLY MUMBLES. He cant even talk clearly when hes not rapping. I can understand what Yachty and Uzi say, Kodak on the other hand is like trying to decode ancient Myan prophecies

  6. They always somehow are content with having a black child & baby mama/ex ..when they broke, and non famous then the very same black women who birthed them, look like them and have the same struggles & supported them are no longer of value.. When they feel famous or wealthy enough to now get the attention of other races who never wanted them! Smh shame..

  7. there are several black women who are gorgeous (Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union, Sevyn Streeter, jessica white, Trina, Meghan Good, Keke Palmer, kash doll, Justine Skye, Tommie from Love and Hip Hop is gorgeous..Malaysia from BasketBall wives is Super Beautiful) none of the above are light skinned by the way.. Meanwhile T.I. ex wife tiny is a light skinned woman who's not just ugly but Hideous

  8. Should've just kept his opinion to himself 😂 ruined your career man 🙄 and instead of talking shit about someone he needs to work on his speech😂😂

  9. Kodak Black mother is dark skin and both his parents are from Haiti. The fact that Charlamgne associated his comment to skin color as if it's ok. Mr. Black Priviledge, not.

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