Kodak Black deletes his Twitter & IG after comment about Black Women. He says he’s in a situation.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Kodak Black deleting his Twitter & Instagram after comment about Black Women. He says he’s in a situation.
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  1. It's funny how M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of AFRICAN-AMERICANS worry so much about who a teenager* finds attractive, but does not give a FUCK about marching against POLICE BRUTALITY, VOTING, or attending CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS, TOWN HALLS, or other government assemblies. #PRIORITIES ARE FUCKED UP

  2. I want to what those black men who disrespected blackwonan think of the KKK and the others who hate black people they must be having a right laugh and jokes they Will say I am right they are fools and subhumans they do even like their own kind wake up

  3. All you lil black negro boys talkin about "black bitches are hoes, thots, gossips, etc." when you literally came out of a black woman. You are black. You ain't Latina or white, you black. If you prefer a certain race, that's fine. But instead of calling black women such awful things, learn how to respect you're own goddamn race. smh y'all disgust me

  4. wow! Your black skin, made you millions!! made you different! Made you famous!! so dumb! you look like black goon, that's what people like to see on stage lol 😆

  5. He's a dumb ass youngster with deep self hatred but he has get back because of his youth.
    Ask him who Medgar Evers is or Mary McLeod Bethune?
    You'll lose his type every time.
    Look closely into his eyes. He's sleep walking or under a spell.
    What's sad is when you hear dudes like Gilbert Arenas saying," dark skinned women aren't beautiful." That's sad because cats like Arenas are damn near 50 yrs of age with a slave mentality. He"ll likely pass that down that slave idealism to his children.

    Black is black no matter the shade. Black folks gon be alright though.

    The enigma of our people continues.

  6. the whole world has watched black men be completely broken and dstroyed at the hands of white supremacy and this is the result. This severe self hate is devastating to watch. This is who white women are getting and they have the nerve to act boogie toward black women when they are with black men.

  7. Us black people are the only race of people to care about what someone else is doing…..even though YOU don't know them. I'm dark af. If you worry about who he dates, then you're insecure

  8. Let's just keep it a buck here this dude would have no women at all if it wasn't for the money and fame..not tryin to talk down but he looks like a 2017 version of buckwheat.

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