Kobe Bryant Really Not Jayson Tatum’s Favorite NBA Player Anymore? | SportsNation | ESPN

The SportsNation crew question if they believe that Kobe Bryant is no longer Jayson Tatum’s favorite NBA player since Tatum was drafted by the Boston Celtics.

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  • why does the dude in the dreads sound like a character off of Sesame Street

  • He kinda did the be easy I got this when he made the game winning shot . kobe did that in the finals in 2000 against Indiana

  • LMAO. "Once a Kobe fan always a Kobe fan unless he did something like…leave and went to Boston" …. not something like… being a rapist?

  • Are they really talking about this as news?

  • Smh Marcellus is really trying to make this topic debatable we gotta give em credit y'all lol

  • Who on the Celtics have you seen ball like this?… and dude said Reggie Lewis… Did y'all niggas already forget about Paul fucking Pierce?

  • someone tell lavar ball that his son will never be kobe the goat Bryant! Lakers are done forever


  • How the hell is this a segment? Sports Nation is a joke

  • Let this sink in. Jayson Tatum's favorite player is Kobe Bryant #MambaOut

  • Check out my vids!!!

  • his statement wasn't that deep lol

  • Jayson Tatum been lookin like Dwayne Wade with range out there

  • Who else thought he was gonna say "rape someone" at 0:35 LMAO

  • Sportsnation is the most cancerous shitstorm of a sports show

  • He said it as a joke and they made it a topic LMAO smfh

  • Yes Jayson Kobe is the Goat

  • Who the fuck cares…

  • he stopped being a fan when he stepped in NBA, because he realized how Kobe Bryant set the bar so high.

  • *For People who didn't watch the 2000-2002 NBA Finals. Shaq carried kobe*
    2000 finals
    Shaq: 38ppg/16.7reb/2.7blk/.611fg%
    kobe: 15ppg/4reb/4ast/.360fg% and missed one game

    -Shaq FMVP 1 kobe 0
    -Also won the Regular season MVP (one vote short becoming unanimous MVP)
    -Phil Jackson told Shaq "MVP Trophy should be named after him when he retired" to challenge him.

    2001 Finals
    Shaq: 33ppg/15.8reb/3.4blk/.573fg%
    kobe: 24ppg/6reb/5ast/.410fg%

    -Shaq FMVP 2 kobe 0

    2002 Finals
    Shaq: 36.3ppg/12.3reb/2.8blk/.599fg%
    kobe: 26ppg /5reb/5ast/.510fg%

    -Shaq FMVP 3 kobe 0

    *Finals Stats or Playoffs Stats??*
    -Finals Stats >>>>>> Playoff stats
    -3 Straight Finals, Shaq had much better numbers and 3 Finals MVPs.

    *Whos Team was it??*
    – Clearly Shaq. He was always doubled and triple team. He was the number one option in the triangle. Its the 2000 MVPs Team.
    – Shaq was Batman and kobe was robin

    *Shaqs FT?*
    -He made when it counted. Nothing like Nick Anderson in 95 NBA Finals Game 1.
    -2000 Finals Game 2 kobe left the game. Shaq carried the lakers to victory and hit some clutch FT.
    -2000 Finals Game 4 kobe had a good OT (Shaq FO), kobe's first good game in the series. He scored 14, 2, 0 before game 4. Meanwhile, Shaq had 43, 40, 33 and still lead the team in scoring with 36.

    *Shaq 1st Three Years in the League?*
    -1993 Shaq nearly made it to the playoff (missed it due to a tie breaker with Indiana.)
    -1994 Playoffs
    -1995 Shaq beat MJ The Goat (Michael Jeffrey Jordan) and when to the Finals.

    *kobes First Three Years after Shaq?*
    -2005 Didn't make the playoffs in his Prime..
    -2006 Lost in the First Round in his Prime.. Shaq won the NBA Title with Dwade.
    -2007 Lost in the First Round in his Prime.. Shaq ask kobe "Tell me how my ass taste". kobe cried to Steven A. Smith to be traded from the lakers.

    -Only until Hall Famer Pau Gasol (one of the best PF in the league) joined the Lakers, Andrew Bryumn became a Allstar Starting Center and had Ariza/Ron Atrest. He past the 1st round

    Shaq >>>>>>>>>>> kobrick
    3 FMvps >>>>>>>> 2 FMvps

    -Plus, kobe try to snitch on Shaq. kobe = Deangelo Russell

    *Feel Free to Copy/Paste This

  • I understand Ima duke fan I was gonna get his college jersey bt now… Nah its bad lakeshow shit bonehead fuck the celtics ur one of them now

  • paul pierce was a laker fan

  • Jayson Tatum Is Gonna Be Good

  • This show is dope. I don't know why you mfs are always complaining. Relax.

  • dude is fruity

  • John Elmo? Get this guy outta here!

  • I heard the interview. He didn't say he wasn't a Kobe fan. He was being respectful by saying that he's a Celtic now. The one good thing about the decline of ESPN into TMZ is that I have found some other great sports sites within the last month.

  • Jayson Tatum a monster

  • He honestly got a little Kobe in his game

  • Well he's gonna be a Larry Legend fan now so he's going to emulate hiss game and that will make him a better and more unselfish player.

  • John Elmo Da Real MVP

  • this is so useless

  • He said John Elmo hahaha

  • As a Cs fan i don't care if Tatum likes Kobe


  • ESPN is garbage.