King Yella tells Offset ‘I AINT Joe Budden or DJ AKademiks.. I Do What I wanna do’


DJ Akademiks Speaks on King Yella tells Offset ‘I AINT Joe Budden or DJ AKademiks.. I Do What I wanna do’

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  1. "I make more money than all of y'all…" hahahahaha xD bruh that's a L you caught right there, King… No actually, that statement made you so see-through so it's really multiple L's!!! making me spit out my morning milk n shit

  2. I'm sick of this out of shape wierd ass looking nigga. He talking bout people took what he said and ran with it. Bitch ass nigga u should've kept ur mouth shut cus nobody gives a fuck about Cardi B ratchet disgusting ass and whether or not u smashed. Shit was so pointless for him to even say

  3. She's a former stripper, you dumb motherfuckers are still putting the pussy on a pedestal.

    I am sure she fucked a lot of dudes, that happened, offsets a pussy for getting with a gorilla titty dancer if he was jealous.

  4. So Migos is a hip-hop group with (industry) street niggas that manage them and have a whole lot to lose. Yella is a Chicago nigga with a whole lot of chicago niggas chasing clout with nothing to lose. I hope this goes to the streets. Ain't no higher clout than a body to a chicago nigga. These hip-hop niggas got to know the streets is a lot different than acting like a street nigga for the cameras. Offset might beef with a lot more niggas if the 1000's of niggas that fucked Cardi b come forward knowing off-set will respond and give them their 15 mins of spotlight.

  5. Fuck that shit. I'm with king yella on this. Cardi B bitch you don't get no respect. Once was a stripper bitch always a stripper bitch. Fuck outta here you deserve this shit. And offset get the fuck outta here too. If you marry a stripper bitch you deserve to have niggas coming out saying they fucked your wife. Simp ass niggas.

  6. This niggas is basically a Stitches 2.0. The cheat-code to defeating him is basically the same as how the game defeated Stitches. Offset, just get your bodyguard to pull up on his ass and knock him out. mission completed

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